We’re Havin’ Family Fun!

There is SO much fun and excitement going on for me right now! It’s going to be a “busy with wonderful things summer!” What could makes things any more wonderful than spending time with your family? To me, family time trumps everything else! And fortunately for me, my excitement and busyness is all family centered and related. It can’t get much better than that.




The fun began when my youngest daughter, Debbie, came home from college for the summer. She has been at college in Iowa for 2 school years, with only a few short visits home in between. So having her home for the summer is something that makes this mama happy! She has spent the last week working hard to find a summer job, and as of now she has a part-time job right in town. So proud of her for putting in the time and effort to get hired.


Last night the 2nd big exciting, family event took place–my daughter Anna got engaged to her sailor, Mike!  (Fitting for Memorial Day weekend, don’t ya think?) They will be getting married later this summer, so she will be able to go with him when he is stationed after his training is done. Soon I will be planning her July bridal shower.


Tomorrow my son Daniel, and his beautiful wife Melissa, will be coming in for a week long visit!  We plan to go to bowling, ice skating, and shopping, among other things which may or may not include lots of baking! (Half the cookie dough always seems to be gone by the time we are ready to bake the cookies.)

Dan & Mel at church

Near the end of Dan & Mel’s visit, my oldest daughter Joy, her husband Michael, and my two granddauughters, Treya and Lexi, will be coming from Kansas for a week. Always LOVE having them here, and it ALWAYS goes too fast!

We will spending lots of time preparing for the baby shower we are having for my daughter, Ruth, at the end of that week. Joy is great at decorating, and creating, so we will be busy during the week making diaper cakes for the shower, and planning all the details. If you have read my blog series, “Fertility – It’s in God’s Hands, Not Ours!’, then you know that Ruth’s baby is our miracle blessing, and why we are SO very excited about celebrating the soon arrival of her little one, Victoria Noelle. (Doesn’t she look cute?)


After her shower, Joy & her family will head back to Kansas, and things will slow down a little bit. But then I will get busy planning Anna’s bridal shower.  It’s just SO fun to celebrate all these special occasions with family, and have some of my kids home to be a part of it.

I feel very blessed, and am thankful to God for the opportunity to spend time with family, celebrating His goodness!

By the way, a lesson from this story–a few hours of planning and preparing equals much less stress during crazy busy times like this!  With the help of my daughters, we have planned much of the shower ideas, and have already bought the needed items for decorating. I’ve also planned easy meals for when everyone is here, and had the kids at home help with getting the house cleaned and in order. Many hands make light work, and planning ahead makes for more time to enjoy being together. 

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