A Mama’s Tears and Prayers

This mama's tears and prayers were real after leaving my daughter in the care of her husband, hundreds of miles from where we lived.


Does a mom ever get over the tears that come with saying goodbye to one of their children, as they move on in life? I don’t think so!! Today has been an emotional day for me, as I said goodbye to yet another daughter, and left her in the care of her new husband.

the kiss

Anna and Mike actually got married back in July when he had a short  leave from his training in the Navy. After a nine-day honeymoon, he had to go back to his training in Texas. She returned back to our home to wait till he finished his training and was stationed. 

Yes, I cried happy tears that day, but I didn’t really have to say goodbye to her at the time, nor did I need to wonder how she was getting along in her role as a wife.

A few months later he got his orders, and found he would be moving to Virginia, where Anna could finally join him. He had gotten there the week before,and found housing for them.

When he got things settled, we loaded my van loaded with all her belongings, and I drove her to their new home. We had a good time on the drive, and I was glad that we were able to enjoy chatting, laughing, and listening to Christmas music as we drove.

Oh, I almost forget to mention the snacks that we definitely enjoyed. All trips with daughters require chocolate snacks!

When we got there, Mike unloaded the van, and I helped Anna get most of her kitchen things put away. It was fun to see her getting her new kitchen organized, and start to get things settled in their new home.

She had been waiting for this day for awhile!

Finally together!
Finally together!

The next morning I said  goodbye to Mike and Anna, then got in the empty van and headed towards home. As I hugged them, I told Mike to take good care of her. You see, with that goodbye came the realization that she is now in his care. It is now his job to protect her, cherish her, and lead her.

As I drove away, this mama’s tears and prayers began!

I asked God to:

*Protect them

*Provide for them

*Give them His power to love as they should

*Grow then through the hard times that they will inevitably face at one time or another

*Help Mike to have the wisdom He needs to lovingly lead Anna, and to love her as He should

*Help Anna to be the wife that Mike needs her to be, and to be his biggest encourager

*Help ME to remember that they are in HIS care, and to trust Him.

*Help me encourage and support them, but never interfere.

*Enable me to let go of my concerns about whether I did everything I should/could to prepare Anna to be the wife that God wants her to be.

It was so easy for me to look back and think maybe I didn’t prepare her in certain areas like I should have.

As I thought about that, God reminded me that I had been obedient to Him as I raised the kids, and had stayed faithful in teaching them and training them in His Word. I did everything I could. The rest was now up to HIM.

I LOVE that! God loves them so much more than I ever could, and wants to bless them. They are SAFE in HIS care.

Moms, it’s okay to cry when our kids go through seasons of change, whether it’s moving away to college, or getting married. In fact, it’s NORMAL!

However, the best thing you can do is cry out to God for your kids, through your tears! My desire is to never stop praying diligently for my children, no matter what season of life they are in.

I’d love to have you join me in one of these free prayer challenges for your children:

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  1. Wonderful Words! I’d love for you to share at Theology Thursdays FOR KIDS!!!

  2. Oh Leah, I’m so sorry to hear that about your mom! Praying God will give you grace and strength as you deal with this. My mom had Alzheimers and was in a home – it was so hard to visit, then leave her there. But she didn’t know anything was going on, and like your mom, she was happy. Thanks for hosting The Loft linky party!

  3. Hi Karen, thanks for the encouraging words, and for taking time to stop in to comment. 🙂 ~Kathie

  4. Arabah, thanks for stopping in from The Loft,and thanks for the hugs! 🙂

  5. Aw! I am not looking forward to the goodbyes, that’s for sure! Hugs to you today! Stopping by from The Loft~~ it’s great to have you link up!

  6. What a sweet post! I think you are being a great mother-in-law to Mike, too. Nice to meet you via The Loft.

  7. Welcome to The Loft! this is a lovely post. I have no children of my own, but I am parenting my Mom, who has vascular dementia. The day we moved her to assisted living, I felt like I was leaving a child at school. It was the strangest feeling. Even yet, my throat gets all lumpy when I leave her after visiting, even though she is as happy as a clam. Thanks for joining us, Kathie.

  8. Hi Jennifer! I’m glad this post was encouraging to you. I love that thought of our tears tugging on God’s heartstrings, as we pour out our heart to Him!

  9. I LOVE this. I’m a cryer by nature (I get it from my dear mama 😉 ), so this was an encouraging reminder to me that praying through tears is the best kind of weeping. I wonder whether it tugs on God’s heartstrings when we bring the fullness of our emotions before Him. It shows Him that we trust His unconditional love, and that our hearts are inclined toward Him. Thank you for sharing these poignant thoughts.

  10. My girls are still little but I appreciate the reminder to be faithful with them now so that I might have the chance to rejoice over them later!

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