WARNING: It’ll Be Over Before You Know It!

Mark & TreyaYesterday my youngest son, Mark, turned 17. (Picture of him with my granddaughter last year)  So very hard to believe that in a little over one year, he will be the 8th and last  to graduate from our homeschool. After 34 years of raising and training children, a new season will begin for me.


“The days pass so swiftly,the months come and go

The years melt away like new falling snow”

You always hear people say to young parents, “Enjoy those years. They go by so fast!”  It is so true. However, it doesn’t seem fast at the time. In fact, some times it’s hard to enjoy. There is  fatigue, busyness, frustration, and challenges. There are often times of tears.  It’s not easy being a mom, and when you add homeschooling to your job, the challenges increase.

I’d like to just share a few thoughts for those of you who are still in those early, hectic busy, busy days of raising your family, or maybe a little farther along in the journey and feeling weary.

Thoughts from an OLDER mom, to encourage younger moms:

1. You WILL make it.

Sometimes you may not feel like you can’t  keep on, but as moms we do what we have to, and we keep going even when it’s hard. Sometimes we are too busy trying to survive, to enjoy it! It DOES get better.

2. Though you may not always ENJOY the ride, you will get much JOY from it.

There’s no describing the joy of watching your kids learn, grow, and then develop into young adults who love the Lord, and go on to serve Him. Suddenly you realize that all those seeds you planted DID take root. (3 John 1:4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.)

3. Don’t wish the days away.

I know sometimes you think you just can’t wait until—they are potty trained, they can dress themselves, they learn to read on their own, etc. I’ve been there, and I remember. But try to enjoy each stage and season, because before you know it, it will be past.

4. Take time to make memories.

You don’t want to be the parent who looks back and says “I wish I’d slowed down more, and spent time doing things, and making memories with the kids.” Be intentional.

5. No matter how mundane your daily duties seem, your home and family are your ministry, and you are serving the Lord. 

That time you spend training, correcting, and teaching them in God’s Word and ways, are an investment in eternity. When you tired of doing the same thing day in and day out, remember Who you are serving.

The words of a Patch the Pirate song, “Cherish the Moment” are in my mind right now.

Sing a song, play a game, swing me high in the air;

Ride a bike, fly a kite, how I love the times we share;

Hold my hand, hug my neck, Daddy bounce me on your knee;

Come & sit by my bed, Mommy rock me to sleep.

Cherish the moment, soon you’ll be apart,

Cling to the memory, clasp it to your heart;

Soon comes the day when you’ll have no child to hold,

So cherish, cherish the moment.

Think ahead to a time when your little ones are grown,

Hold them tight, don’t lose sight of the blessings you have known;

Think ahead to a time when your little boy’s a man,

And you’d give anything just to hold him again.


“The days are long, but the years are short.”




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  1. Rebekah, I wrote this for moms like you who are in the trenches with little ones. I wish someone had come along beside me during those busy, tiring days, and just encouraged me. I needed to hear that it was okay not to do “everything”, but to pick and choose what really mattered, and live by priorities. -Kathie

  2. Jelli, I know the feeling of being drained by 7! Those days are hard and seem long, yet it all goes so fast, doesn’t it?! Take time when you can to just breathe it in, and enjoy it. 🙂 -Kathie

  3. Thank you for this. I’m in the small children stage of motherhood and I love every day of it, but sometimes I am drained by 7pm and just plain ready for bed. I can see already how fast the days fly by and I long to be able to draw them out even longer sometimes just to smell my baby’s head or watch my toddler do silly dances. Motherhood is such a joy, and the sounds of small kiddos doesn’t stay around long enough.

  4. Thank you so much for this reminder! I needed to hear this after a long day I the trenches with 5 little ones!:) I really do love this time and I do realize that it is going to be over sooner then I would like but some days are harder then others and those are the days I do need to slow down and remember to be intentional.

  5. Oh, how true it is! While I am just now graduating my *first* (and my youngest is still a baby!), I can already feel the weight of this truth. It goes by too quickly. Thank you for the sweet words today!

  6. Janet, thanks for stopping in, and for the early congrats. 🙂 Hope you have a good week too! -Kathie

  7. How true! My daughter will probably always live with me – she has Down Syndrome – but sometimes I wish I could recapture some of her younger years and days. I have lots of pictures, but I wasn’t always writing down what she said and when and why – and I’ve learned that she has a wealth of wisdom to teach. Congratulations on the impending (I know, a year is still a ways…) graduation of your son! You have many years of family memories to build – and I can tell you will savor them! Wishing you a wonderful week – your neighbor at Monday’s Musings – Janet

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