25 Christmas Bible Trivia Questions for Kids

Looking for easy 25 Christmas Bible trivia questions for kids? Whether it’s a fun Christmas-themed game to play with your kids, the youth group at your church, or you simply want to add a challenge each day during the 25 days of Christmas, I have a series of questions that you can turn into 25 Christmas Bible Trivia Questions for Kids.

How to Play Christmas Bible Trivia with Kids

For starters, you’ll want to collect a variety of questions and answers that revolve around the Christmas holiday. Write or type and print them out, making sure the answers are separate from the questions. Depending on how many people are playing, divide everyone into teams.


If you’re playing as a family, you don’t have to pair up in teams. However, if you have a large family, consider pairing one older member with a younger one. For youth groups at church, divide the class into 2 or more teams with at least 2-3 members on each.

You can have each person (or team) draw a card and give them one chance to answer correctly or put a time limit on how long they have to answer. Other ways to play including having a dealer and question reader (jeopardy style), provide multiple choice answers, pop quiz, raised hands, and/or hat trivia. Consider giving points and prizes for the winners. 

Why You Should Play Christmas Bible Trivia for Kids

What are some good Christmas quiz questions? When children are young, it is a little more difficult to make the Bible come alive. By playing a Bible trivia game, you will not only help them learn important things about Scripture, but you can also help make it real. Playing Bible trivia is also something that can become a unique family tradition. It works not only for Christmas eve and Christmas, but also Easter/Resurrection Sunday, harvest season (great substitution for Halloween), and for character building.

25 Christmas Bible Trivia Questions for Kids

25 Christmas Bible Trivia Questions for Kids Pin

What are some Bible study questions on Christmas? Below are 25 questions you can use to play Christmas-themed bible trivia with your family or church youth group:

  1. Where can we read about Jesus’ birth in the Bible?

  2. What is Jesus’ mother’s name?

  3. Who was Jesus’ earthly father?

  4. What city was Jesus born in?

  5. What is a manger?

  6. How many wise men were there?

  7. Who was Mary’s cousin?

  8. Who appeared to tell Mary she would have a child?

  9. How did Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem?

  10. How long was Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem?

  11. What was the sign given to find Jesus?

  12. What did each wise man bring as a gift to Jesus?

  13. Where was Josepth originally from?

  14. Who was the leader trying to kill baby Jesus?

  15. What are the 5 names given to Jesus in the Bible?

  16. Did Mary have children after Jesus?

  17. Which direction did the wise men travel to find Jesus?

  18. What does the name Emmanuel mean?

  19. Who followed a star to find baby Jesus?

  20. Where was Jesus laid after he was born?

  21. Who was the prophet that foretold the birth of Jesus?

  22. Where did Jesus’ family flee to after Bethlehem?

  23. What else did the wise men do besides give gifts?

  24. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?

  25. What time of day did the angels speak to the shepherds?

More Christmas-Themed Activities for Kids

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  • Walk them through the verse on the printable as they color or as you read them the entire Christmas story.

  • Have them color the pages and turn them into DIY Christmas Cards

Bonus: you can download and prep or in a pinch, they are available right away!

Final Thoughts Christmas Bible Trivia Questions for Kids

Make this (and future) Christmas season(s) fun and memorable with Christmas Bible trivia for kids. Don’t forget to add my other free resources too! What are some ways you have fun during the Christmas season? Let me know in the comments below!

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