8 Great Homeschool STEM Activities

Homeschool STEM activities ( Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are so important  in teaching your kids, and it is something they will LOVE!

With homeschooling you have more opportunity to enjoy these hands-on fun activities with your children.

If you’re struggling to know what to do, we have some great ideas here to get you started. (There is no shortage of ideas out there and you can get some other homeschoolers together to do a group event, if you want to make it even more fun!)

Here are 8 great homeschool STEM activities:

1.Stacking Cups

It’s the simplest activity but it’s great fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. It’s so cheap too! Just buy some plastic cups and then see how high you can stack them without them falling.

If you have multiple children, you could make a contest out of it. Who can stack the highest? It’s basic engineering at its best.

2. STEM Challenge Ferris Wheel 

This activity  is best for students in grades 4-6. Some high school students might like it,  but younger students will likely struggle with it.

3. Flotation Device for Action Figure

You can purchase this plan at Teachers Pay Teachers or do your own version of it. It’s pretty simple.

Ask your child to build a flotation device for their action figure and see if it will float.

You can also ask them to log their results with different types of flotation devices they’ve built, to make it a little more challenging, as well as to teach them how to record results of experiments.

4. Rainbow Water Walking

This is a fun and colorful science experiment your kids will love!

5. Egg Drop Project

Don’t break the egg! This is a fun challenge and a very popular STEM activity.

6. Paper Plate Marble Maze 

This one is really unique, can be a lot of fun, and is even easier for younger students.

7. Straw Roller Coaster 

This is another great engineering activity. Who wouldn’t love to build their own roller coaster?

8. STEM apps

Sometimes you want to get your kids off of those electronic devices but consider choosing some great STEM apps to make the most of that electronic time now and then.

With these eight great homeschool STEM activities, you’re ready to start planning your next STEM adventure. These activities are a lot of fun and they also give your students very valuable skills that they need now and in the future. They can learn how to problem-solve, and they will gain self-confidence.

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