3 Fantastic Ways to Keep Fun In Your Homeschool

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The elementary years are an amazing time to help your kids develop a lifelong love of learning. To help your younger kids get excited about learning at home, fun is an essential element. Find out how you can keep it fun in your homeschool for your kids and you.

3 Fantastic Ways to Keep Fun In Your Homeschool

Girl outside with chalk having fun in her Homeschool

Homeschooling Can Be Fun!

As a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, I’ve learned quite a few important lessons. One of the biggest lessons is the importance of weaving fun into our homeschool day.

Kids, especially elementary-aged ones, are full of enthusiasm and creativity. Instead of squelching their natural curiosity and zeal, you can use homeschool fun activities to boost learning, skills development, and more.

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Of course, everything can’t always be fun. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t think outside the box and try to make it more interesting!

To help you keep it fun in your homeschool, I’m sharing my top 3 favorite ways to make learning at home more enjoyable for all.

Celebrate Fun Days

Fun day celebrations are awesome ways to make sure you keep it fun in your homeschool. These celebrations don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, these fun holidays are often best enjoyed when your activities are simple and DIY.

To make sure that my boys and I never miss a fun holiday, we use a combination of our free Calendar of Fun Days for kids and 365 Fun Days & Activities pack. These open-and-go fun resources are perfect as part of our homeschool morning time. The boys and I have a blast talking about the variety of fun days. Plus, we learn about some pretty cool facts and figures in history!

Brain Breaks for Kids (& Moms!)

Sitting at a table for too long is frustrating and boring. Brain breaks for kids are fantastic ways to break up the monotony of your homeschool day.

This free 54 Homeschool Brain Breaks set includes a variety of printable prompts, like move-its (activities to get up and move), music, crafts, and more.

Your kids will also love these monthly brain breaks with seasonal and fun holiday themes.

This fitness fun game is wonderful for physical exercise challenges, like core strength, balance, dance, and more.

Oh, and brain breaks aren’t just for kids! Sometimes mom needs a break. Here are 25 Free Brain Breaks for Moms for Quick & Easy Self-Care.

Finding the Fun in a Subject

Even if you’re using a boxed curriculum, you can still find the fun in a subject. Check out the terrific tips and ideas that homeschoolers for How to Make Homeschool Fun with math, science, writing, reading, history, art, and music.

You can also think about ways that your child prefers to learn. Ask yourself:

  • Can I add a hands-on activity to this worksheet?
  • Instead of reading, spelling, or narrating, would it be more fun to sing it?
  • Would a drawing or picture of this science concept make it easier to understand and more fun?
  • What type of project could we work on to really make this subject come to life?
  • Are there any audiobooks or songs that we can listen to as we explore this subject?

Homeschooling the elementary years is such a special time. Make the most of these moments by keeping it fun for all.

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Amy Milcic, a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, believes that you can make learning & life fun, even if you feel frazzled & frustrated. She shares creative solutions so you can connect with your kids using growth mindset & interest-led learning experiences. Visit her at Rock Your Homeschool today.

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