How to Teach Your Kids to be Independent Homeschoolers

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If there is one thing we want our children to be, it is independent. We want them to be independent readers, independent in life skills, independent in their prayer lives. As a homeschooling family, it’s important that our kids learn how to become independent homeschoolers.

How to Teach Your Kids to be Independent Homeschoolers

mom teaching son to be an independent homeschooler

If you are new to homeschooling or really don’t know how to begin this process, I want to walk you through it. After all, we’re in this together! Here is how to teach your kids to be independent homeschoolers.

Know What You Want to Teach and Why

It can be hard to produce independent homeschoolers if you don’t narrow down what you want them to learn. You can raise independent homeschoolers by knowing what you want to teach them and why.

You will get them started on learning and from there, they will eventually be able to learn on their own. Narrowing down the subjects your children are learning is so important.

Of course, there will also be times when they take off in several directions, but you will be there to rein them in if they get too far off track. You can always make a list of those interests and save them for homeschool extra credit (of sorts).

Know Your Child’s Learning Style

We want our kids to “get it” and enjoy the learning process. They aren’t going to love everything but if we teach to their individual learning style it becomes a lot easier for them and us.

Public schools tend to have a set curriculum for all students. They have one way to teach and everyone has to learn that way. It’s kinda like trying to put a square peg in a circle hole. The squares cannot thrive because they are forced to be a circle.

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Homeschooling is a safe place to allow our kids to be themselves, learn the way they thrive, and even slowly build skills of the learning styles that aren’t their dominant way of learning. Yet another benefit of homeschooling – we can teach to their learning style and build their confidence to learn. Thus creating independent homeschoolers.

Independent Homeschoolers Need a Guide 

You can’t expect your kid to NEVER need your help. This is why it’s better when parents work more as guides in homeschooling. Your children will always need you in some capacity when it comes to homeschooling no matter the age or level. When you guide your child, you are telling them “hey, give this a try on your own, but I’m always here if you need my help.”

When they have a question or are struggling to move forward you are there as a helper when they get stuck. This not only gives them confidence, but it empowers your kids to want to work independently.

Allow Your Child To Work Independently

Your child will never learn how to be an independent homeschooler if you don’t allow them to work independently. Just like you may struggle when someone is looking over your shoulder, your child may struggle when you’re looking over their shoulder.

Let them try and work independently and watch them flourish. They may struggle a little bit, but the struggle is a big part of the learning process.

Let Your Children Pursue Their Interests Independently

This is where the homeschool extra credit (of sorts) comes in. Another way to teach your kids to be independent homeschoolers is to allow your children to pursue their own interests. After they have done what you ask of them, allow them to be creative, and pursue their own passions. After all, homeschooling does allow for extra time for this kind of learning to be able to happen.

When your child is following their passions homeschooling will not seem like work at all to them or you. Your child will be more engaged and will be excited to pursue new interests every single day.

Independent Learners Learn So Much

When it comes to independent learning, your children are going to learn so much. Your children are going to learn how to be independent learners, but they are going to learn how to be responsible for their own school work. They are going to learn how to take pride in their own school work.

Your children will take off with their learning and you will be super impressed with their progress. You will notice that one interest will break off into several rabbit trails and before you know it they are learning at a rapid pace, while retaining the information. When your child is interested they retain!

Allow Student Planning in Your Home

Something really cool that we’ve been using in our homeschooling is student planning pages. These free planning pages allow your student to plan what they are doing. Independent learning has truly never been easier than when you have the right tools.

Learning how to teach your kids to be independent homeschoolers may be a little easier than you thought. With the right planning and tools, your child can be an independent learner and thinker, all while being a homeschooler. 

How have you taught your children to be independent homeschoolers?


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