10 Top Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum Ideas

With so many different homeschooling programs out there, finding the right science material for your homeschooling students can be a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially when you’re searching for science material that’s both informative and engaging, but also one that has a Biblical approach that will help strengthen their Christian beliefs. 


After you’ve chosen from one of these curriculums, in very little time, your child will know how to answer some of the toughest questions and be able to defend their Christian beliefs. Check out these 10 top Christian curriculums for science that you and your students are sure to enjoy. These curriculums will also help them build a solid foundation. 

10 top christian homeschool science curriculum ideas

10 Top Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum Ideas

1. Answers in Genesis 

While keeping to a young Earth creationism approach that’s backed by solid apologetics, Answers in Genesis offers a Christian science homeschooling curriculum unlike any other. And it’s brought to you by the creation scientist, Ken Ham. There are a number of different curriculum courses that start for grade school students up to high school including, chemistry, anatomy, debunking evolution, and much more. Grade level is important when choosing  Christian science programs.

By the end of their course, your student will be able to defend their faith and answer tough questions because they’ve been equipped through videos, reading assignments, and hands-on activities all throughout.

2. Berean Builders 

Berean Builders provides a Christian science curriculum for students as well as online courses from grades kindergarten through 12th. To give younger students a strong Christian scientific foundation Berean Builders takes a look at science all the way from the beginning, as well as the ancient world, the scientific revolution, and the industrial age. In high school, they’ll learn about physics, biology, chemistry, and plenty more. Berean Builders comes very highly praised by most homeschooling families.

3. Elemental Science

Another award-winning science homeschooling program worth considering for your home and co-op program is Elemental Science. They have 3 elemental science series available starting from kindergarten all the way through high school. Elemental Science even has hands-on labs and fun activities for your preschool students. 

The curriculum teaches by using plenty of experiments, helping students gather information, and how to record what they’ve discovered in their notebooks. As your student progresses they’ll take on subjects like astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, and physical science, while also providing you the teacher with material on how to teach these subjects.

4. Sonlight Science 

Simply reading about science from a textbook is not how you are going to get students to fall in love with the subject, and Sonlight Science completely understands that. Besides reading from their curriculum, students will also have plenty of hands-on experiments and exciting activities to help draw their interest. We’re not lying when we tell you that most homeschool students and parents alike can’t get enough of Sonlight Science. 

Their curriculum covers kindergarten all the way through high school and even has a few advanced courses too! Once students are a little older, they’ll study biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, human anatomy, and so much more. Math is also a part of science, in which they implement the STEM program. 

5. Journey Homeschooling Academy

Does your homeschool student have a hard time getting excited about science? With hands-on experiments, wonderfully-illustrated graphics, and exciting yet informative videos from Journey Homeschooling Academy, that may no longer be an option. 

Instead of taking the public school’s approach of shoving information at them and calling it fact, Journey Homeschooling Academy will put a drive in your student to actually examine that information and come up with a conclusion on their own. Their abstract curriculum is designed in such a way to develop your student’s critical thinking and decision-making skills that they’ll be able to use later on in life. 

6. Christian Kids Explore

Christian Book is a Christian website where you can find almost anything pertaining to your Christian faith, including their Christian Kids Explore science curriculum. They have it available in hardcopy or it can also be downloaded. Some of the interesting topics that your homeschool students will explore include Earth and space, physics, chemistry, creation science, and biology. Each of them is taught with a Biblical and Christian perspective that points students to a higher intelligent design.

Each of these subject booklets is worth one full year of credit if taught twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half that’s primarily for grade school students through middle school. Each of their lessons includes a scripture passage to read independently or together, a fill-in-the-blank review exercise, a lab activity that reinforces what they’re learning, followed up with a critical thinking exercise that examines what they’ve learned.

7. Apologia 

If you’re desperately searching for a Christian science curriculum that can help your students defend their faith without having to compromise their beliefs to align with today’s cultural worldview, then Apologia is recommended. This homeschooling program offers homeschooling students a digital curriculum as well as several online classes. 

Their science textbooks cover grades kindergarten all the way through high school. As students get a little older they’ll continue their studies on anatomy, astrology, chemistry, physics, biology, but with an intelligent design approach to it. 

8. Noeo Science 

Science was never meant to put your students to sleep, and you as a parent have a choice not to allow it! Skip the boring textbooks that other homeschool science curriculums offer and go with a homeschooling program like Noeo Science. You’ll be glad that you did.

Their curriculum kits include living books written by different authors that make learning fun and engaging, entertaining experiments along with all the materials that they will need and an instructor’s guide that will help you teach the subjects effectively. All this, with little effort and preparedness on your part. Their learning packages are mainly for students of grades 1 through 8 while including subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology. 

9. Abeka 

Looking for a Biblically-based curriculum that will last your homeschooling student from Pre-K all the way through 12th grade? Abeka uses the spiral learning approach while providing your children a Christian foundation that’s built on Biblical truths. 

They’ve developed their curriculum in such a way that students have the option to work independently or with assistance while using Abeka’s textbooks, video lessons, and experiment kits. This goes for their science curriculum along with other subjects that they have available for homeschooling families.

10. Devotional Biology

Providing high school students with a biblical worldview about biology, the Devotional Biology curriculum is brought to you by one of the most prominent creation scientists in the world. It’s obvious that they place a huge emphasis on God as our creator and also His attributes through science and creation.

Their course is equivalent to a full credit year of high school science but without the secularism mindset. Its curriculum is available in video format, with 67 video lectures, textbooks, along with 13 hands-on lab videos. They even offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. 


As a Christian parent, providing your homeschooling students with knowledge that’s backed with a Biblical perspective should be your number one concern when it comes to their education. These are 10 of some of the best top Christian science curriculums that you’ll ever come across. Which of these programs do you think that you and your student will enjoy the most working with?

Top 10 Christian Homeschool Science Curriculum Ideas

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