3 Ways To Find Rest In God’s Presence

Do you know how to find rest in God’s presence? When we care for a parent, spouse, child, or friend we should pray for God to intervene and give us peace in the situation. But how do we turn off the worry?

We all want the best for those we love.

Unfortunately, the best doesn’t always happen.

It is natural to fear the worst and wonder what may go wrong when we are bystanders in the lives of people we care deeply about.

So why do I worry so much about someone? Because our minds are wired to imagine horrible things happening and then try to prepare us for them. But all of this fear can be overwhelming and doesn’t help us one bit. 

It may make you feel helpless, hopeless and powerless to change the outcome. That’s why it is important to remember that while we don’t and can’t have control, we worship a God who can and DOES. It’s when we realize this that we can become dependent on Him in the very best way! So how do you find spiritual rest?

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How To Find Rest In God’s Presence

I’m carrying a heavy weight right now.

One child is making some serious decisions that have me concerned.

Another one of my children is struggling with some very difficult circumstances.

Oh how the mother in me hurts for her!

Thoughts are swirling through my head for both of my precious children.

Worry – what if…….

Then the thoughts of what I can do to “fix it” (isn’t that mothers do?!)

“If I do or say this, then maybe…..”

Then God speaks and says, “Let ME. I don’t need your help. Just give it to me, let go, and trust.”

It sounds so easy, but it’s not! And how do you find God’s rest?

I know I need to stop worrying about things that I can’t control.

So I have to choose – I can continue to carry the burden, and be consumed with the possibilities of what might (or might NOT!) happen. I can continue to be consumed with concern for the hurt that the one is facing – or I can remember that it will make her a stronger, better person if my child turns to God through it.

I am choosing to give it all to God.

Both of the kids, both of their circumstances, and all of their needs.

As I let go, I feel His peace. Then I ask myself, “Why didn’t I do that sooner?! Why do I carry burdens when He tells me to cast my cares on Him? Why don’t I trust Him like I should? He has never failed me yet!”

I think one of the reasons this is SO hard for me, and probably for most moms, is that we have always been there to help our kids – to kiss their ouchies, hug them when they cry, and take care of what is causing the tears. 

However, as our kids get older, we don’t have the same control. We can’t control their every decision, or the outcome of those decisions. We can’t keep them from the hurts that are part of life.

Some things that help me when I am struggling with worry, and need to find rest in God

It makes me think of the story in the Bible when the disciples were in the boat with Jesus.  The wind started blowing, and the waves grew high. The disciples couldn’t do anything to control the weather, but they went to the one who could. Jesus got up, and said,

Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” 

The exciting lesson here for me:  I can’t control the storms that come into the lives of my kids, but I can go to the one who can, and the one who has control!  He then whispers peace to my soul.

3 Ways To Find Rest In God’s Presence

1. I go to my Bible, and find verses to encourage me in times of stress.  Verses about God’s peace, about trusting God, and pouring out my heart to Him.

2. I listen to good music to calm my anxiety.  This morning I was listening to music on the Christian radio station, and the song came on “There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus; no, not one!”  My eyes filled up with tears as I was reminded of this truth. What a privilege to be able to “have a friend in Jesus”, and take everything to Him in prayer.

3. I try to stay busy to get my mind off of worry.  It’s easy to get consumed with the thoughts, and not want to do much. Keep doing what you need to do – nothing changes or gets fixed by just sitting & thinking about it.

How to Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Control

It’s easy as a mom to fall into the worry mode, and then we are tired, and discouraged, and everything seems even worse. I’m so glad that we can always go to God, and He will give us His peace and comfort in any of the situations we are facing or dealing with.

I love the verse in Psalm 94:14

“In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.” 

The peace that calmed the waves is in you, too dear friend. No matter what storm you may be facing, and all the thoughts that go with that storm, trust God with those thoughts. His Spirit is with you, guiding you and caring for you no matter what storms may come your way. So hold on to Him and let Him comfort you with His peace!

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  1. Wow – I hear you. We look forward to the day that our kids grow “up”, but once they do… well. My kids are grown now, so I hear you. Your advice resonates – we need to just let our loving heavenly Father handle everything. One thought that comforts me is that – He – was their Father first, even before He gave them to me…


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