3 Resolutions for Christian Parents

How do you parent as a Christian? Sometimes it is good to sit down and examine our parenting, and decide what changes we can or should make to be more effective as parents. They have made a huge impact on the happiness of my family and in my own heart. These Biblical resolutions for Christian parents are what God showed me when I was struggling with discouragement in my parenting.

He showed me that I really didn’t need to make a BIG list of more things to do. There were three simple, but important resolutions that God has regularly impressed on my heart. These are commitments that will help me not only in my parenting but also in other areas of my life.

3 Resolutions for Christian Parents

Mom and daughter talking text on image reads 3 Resolutions for Christian Parents

1. Spend time with God before anyone else.

I can’t do well in anything if I don’t spend time with God. I need to be rooted and established in Him before the trials of life come my way. We always need a reminder that we cannot rely on our own strength or wisdom, but Christ alone is sufficient for all things.

A resolution to spend time with God should be our top priority. Spending just a few moments with God prepares our heart and spirit for the day, and for teaching and training the kids God has entrusted us with. Everything we do as parents should rest on the foundation of our relationship with the Lord. Yet we often get busy trying to do many things in our own strength. Like Martha, we fail to take time to just sit at the feet of Jesus.


Moms in the Word

It can be hard as a busy mom to find time to spend with the Lord, but it is VITAL that we make it a daily priority. Even if it’s only for a few minutes (and at certain seasons of parenting, that’s all it can be!) this is one of the most important things we can do to help us in our parenting.

Realize that this is something that the devil will try to keep you from, and determine to make it a focus. Commit to fighting the battle daily to keep your appointment with God. As we spend time with the Lord daily, our kids will see that our relationship with God is important to us. This is a good way to “salt their oats” and give them a hunger and thirst for God.



2. Be faithful in daily Bible reading.

This ONE thing will profoundly affect your spiritual life. God’s Word changes our hearts, gives us direction, and keeps us from sin. As parents, we NEED this as we strive to raise our kids to know and love God. Without God’s Word and wisdom, we will struggle in our own strength. We are then more prone to discouragement, and the tendency to believe the lies that the devil tells us. 

God is not looking for people who are religious; he is looking for people who know Him, who love Him, and who love His Word. We need to make sure that they see us daily read our Bible and walk with the Lord when they are very young so that it becomes natural for them to continue the same path growing in their faith. After all, What is the goal of Christian parenting? That they know, love, and serve God.

3. Commit to daily praying for your kids.

Pray for daily decisions that they will make that are good and pleasing to God. Pray for them every day throughout the day, or set aside a specific time to pray with no distractions so that you can pour out your heart before the Lord. Ask your kids to also commit to praying daily for each of their siblings as well as other people.

One of the best resolutions I have made is to pray Scripture for my kids. I firmly believe that if you pray Scripture for your kids, it opens the door for God to work in their lives. We can teach and train them, and we should. When we add praying Scripture to that training, we are bringing the power of God’s Word to work in their hearts.

None of us can be perfect parents, but ALL OF US CAN BE PRAYING PARENTS! This is our greatest source of power, yet we often neglect it in the busyness of our daily lives.

I believe parents should commit themselves to daily prayer and supplication for their children. We desperately need divine help with the job! ~ James Dobson

So how can a Christian family be strong?

The Bible is full of examples and instructions not only to Christians but also on parenting. God’s Word will always give us wisdom, direction, and comfort in our walk with Him. He has a plan for each of our lives, this includes the way that we parent. When we let Jesus be Lord of every area of our lives, including our family, He will bless us with joy and peace (see John 14:27).

What resolutions should we make as Christian parents? These three simple, but valuable resolutions will make us better parents! Which one are you going to focus on today?

Join our 30 Day Prayer Challenge: 

Praying Biblical Virtues For Our Children 


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4 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah! So glad you found the post right when you needed it, and have decided to start right in on those resolutions. Will certainly pray for you and your family!

  2. Thank you for this post! I am compelled not to wait. I need to start this commitment today!
    It is definately challenging to make time enough to sleep as well to caregive for my 4 year old, 4 month old and elderly father-in-law. My husband cannot find work either and I believe he is on the verge if depression. We find ourselves over-compensating and our patience running too thin.
    I needed to read this today as a reminder of what is most important. My children and my family will certainly benefit from my commitment to prayer and time spend with God.
    If you read this, would you please pray for my family? I’m confident in His grace.
    I would like to commit to praying for another family as well if anyone would like to comment.
    God bless you.

  3. Thanks for stopping in Colletta! You should join our 31 Day Intentional Living Challenge. The first part of the challenge is focusing on our relationship with God,and being faithful in Bible reading. 🙂

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