Blessings of a Large Family

What are the benefits of having a large family? My husband and I have eight wonderful children, and I have to say that there are many blessings of a large family! Others don’t always view it that way though. Although many people may genuinely wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of a large family are, some don’t and just choose to react negatively instead. I remember being surprised at the constant comments and strange looks we got from people when we went out as a family when the kids were all younger, and we had several little ones. Apparently, they don’t see the blessings of a large family!

For that matter, when I just even mention to someone that we have eight kids, I get shocked looks. “You have EIGHT kids?! I only have two, and I can’t handle it. How do you DO it?!” Others comment on how patient I must be. Some even come right out and say I must be crazy! The truth is that I’m really not all that patient, but I may be a little crazy!  


Blessings of a Large Family

large family happy together

I am crazy enough to believe that children are a gift from the Lord since that’s what His Word says. Having a large family is a blessing!


I’m also crazy enough to believe that God will supply all our needs as His Word says. Most people today look at children as a burden. They worry that they can’t afford more than one or two children. I can’t say that I never worried about money, but I can say that God NEVER failed to provide.

Here are a few of the blessings of a large family:

1. A large family can reach more people for the Lord. 

We have children (young adults) who are now serving the Lord, and reaching more people for Him than we ever could on our own. 

  • I think of my oldest son who is a missionary in the Philippines. I feel overwhelmed when I hear of how God is using him and his wife, and the many, many people they have brought to Him as they serve there.
  • My other children come to mind who as teens spent time visiting with the church every week to tell others about the Lord.
  • Then there is my other son who got married and is now working in a church.

What a thrill to see the outreach our family has, beyond what just my husband and I can do.

2. My kids have learned much in the home about getting along and serving. 

I have always told my children when they were having a conflict with one of their siblings, that God put them in this family with those siblings to help them grow in character.  With several children, they have learned how to be peacemakers. Also, they have had many opportunities to serve and care for younger siblings and learned to share. They have been taught the importance of helping in the home and serving in love.

3. My children have had built-in playmates, and rarely found themselves with nothing to do or no one to play with.

The kids who weren’t as creative and imaginative played with the kids who were. We never spent a huge amount of money on toys for our children, but they were content with what they had. They also learned to appreciate what they had, because they didn’t have so many material things that they just took them for granted.

4. Having a large family has helped me grow in many ways.

I never realized, and no one ever told me, just how hard it is to be a mother! I just pictured bringing this sweet little baby home from the hospital and living happily ever after. No one warned me about the sleepless nights, the intense battles of the will, the never-ending diapers, dishes, laundry, etc. Then there was the little thing of patience, which I quickly realized was not one of my stronger character qualities. God knew what I needed, and through the years of parenting, He used each child’s unique personality to help me grow in certain areas of character and to teach me to depend on Him.

5. Probably one of the things I love most about having several children, is the support system it gives them.

My kids may not have always gotten along as I wished, and I dealt with sibling squabbles often. However, they always had a fierce loyalty and love for each other. Most of them are married now, and some are young adults. They encourage each other and give support as needed. Sometimes I don’t have the words to say to one of the kids that are struggling, or they just need to hear something from someone other than Mom. That’s when the siblings jump right in with phone calls, or texts, encouraging the sibling who may be discouraged, or going through a difficult time. It just warms my heart like nothing else, when I see this happen. We always told our children that their siblings should be their best friends because other friends would come and go, but their siblings would always be there for them. I LOVE seeing how true that is for them now that they are older.

So are larger families happier?

I don’t know. What I do know is that having a large family may be a lot of work,  may cost a lot of money, and may even sometimes be discouraging. However, the blessings of a large family far outweigh any of the challenges you will face!

Whether you have one child or several, each child is a blessing and gift from God! Embrace and enjoy the family God has given you!

Blessings of a large family


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  1. Thank you Jessie! I agree that today’s culture really doesn’t value children. However, God says they are a blessing!

  2. This is one of the best articles I’ve read regarding this. Thanks for writing this because I feel our culture has the wrong perspective on children. The truth is found in God’s Word!

  3. Samantha,

    I”m glad you enjoyed it! It is surprising (and sometimes even funny!) the looks you get, or the things people say! Glad you’re teaching your ids to depend on God,and be good friends to each other.

  4. I absolutely loved reading this! I have 7 children and run into people all of the time that give us quizzical looks and ask the silliest questions. I’m doing my best to teach them all to depend on God as well as each other and not always worry about “Friends”.

  5. Leslie,
    That is so sweet that your daughter-in-law thanked both couples for having a large family. And good for you for 31 years of homeschooling!

    Thanks for your encouraging words. 🙂

  6. Our daughter-in-law posted this with all 4 parents tagged, thanking both couples for having a large family We both had 7 kids and our family homeschooled for 30 years (didn’t start on the oldest one until 3rd grade or it could have been 3 more years!)

    Our grandkid count is up to 19 and three kids are still at home! The snowball is just beginning to roll. By the grace of God, all our kids are having large families too!

    I loved your article and am so glad to see what you are doing here. I wish you great success in helping families raise more godly children…our hurting world needs that desperately! I will go post a picture of our grown up kids when they were all in town

    Thank you for doing this Kathie. Oh and the wedding picture is awesome…the modesty is wonderful!

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