When Your Kids Look At You What Do They See?

Recently I found myself singing a song that the  Morrissey quartet (my husband and 3 of his brothers) sings. The song is called “When the World Looks at Me”.

When the world looks at me do they see Jesus?
When the world looks at me what do they see?
Do they see hope? Do they see love? Do they see charity?
When the world looks at me what will they see?

When I spoke, did my words contain Your wisdom, Lord?
And when I prayed, did my prayers contain Your love?
And did my life reflect the glory of Your Spirit?
And did I show the ones around me they were loved?

As I was singing, the words brought conviction about not only what the world sees in me, but what my children see in me! Our world begins right in our homes, with our families.

I changed the words to ask myself  “When my kids look at me do they see Jesus? Do they see His love? What DO they see?” What do they see in my reactions, or in the words I speak?

It’s easy to think about showing Jesus to “the world” by how we act and speak, but it’s JUST AS IMPORTANT to do that at home!

As moms, we have such a profound influence on our children, and must be aware of what they are seeing in us.  They will emulate what they see in us!

I know I haven’t always been the example I’d like to be for my kids, and there have been times when they haven’t seen His love in me. However, this is something that I am working on, and want to always be aware of as I interact with my kids. I want them to see Jesus in me!

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The words of this song I heard on the radio the other day reinforced this thought that God was impressing on my heart, and is the prayer that echoes my heart’s desire in my parenting.

Let them see You in me,
Let them hear You when I speak,
Let them feel You when I sing,
Let them see You–let them see You in me.

It’s a rather convicting question, but so good for us to think about and ask, “What do our kids see when they look at us?” Let’s pray and ask God to help us live so our kids Jesus in us daily.[magicactionbox]


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