Motivation To Stay Faithful As A Mom

My oldest son Mike, and his wife Ruth, have been missionaries in the Philippines for the past 5 years. Recently they were home for two years to raise support before going back to the field. Saying goodbye is always hard, and after this last visit it was no different. However, I am SO glad to see how God is using them in their ministry there. We raised our kids to serve God, and couldn’t be happier as we see the results of the time we invested in that training. It is worth it to stay faithful as a mom!


I’m going to share something from an email I received which made me cry, because it confirmed to me that it was WORTH every minute that we invested in teaching and training Mike, and our others kids to know, love, and serve God!

A little explanation about the email first:

Mike & Ruth were blessed to have Ruth’s parents (Scott & Debbie Christansen) serving there in the Philippines with them for the  2 1/2 years before coming home to raise support. Before Mike & Ruth left the Philippines to come to the states, Debbie was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer.

When I heard about her cancer, I felt led to send an email to Scott & Debbie to let them know that I was thinking about them and praying for them.

Scott responded with this email:

What a pleasure it has been to get to know and work with Mike for these last 2 1/2 years.

We are looking forward to spending some quality time with them in a week when we go to a very nice hotel in a beautiful spot overlooking the ocean. I wanted to give Ruth and her Mom some time to create good memories, especially if the departure on May 19th turns out to be the last time they get to see each other in this life. But I am also looking to get to talk to Mike and let him know how much we have come to love and respect him. And how much we will miss him. If the Lord tarries, we know that he and Ruth will do a great job in starting a church in Mindanao.

Thank you for the years of hard work and sacrifice that you invested in Mike. Thank you for being faithful to God and setting standards in music and character that put a foundation within him that he could build upon. And thank you for letting him follow God’s will with your blessing. He loves you both dearly and misses you. It is perhaps the hardest sacrifice of a missionary to leave family behind, but it is made much easier when you know they are also proud of you following God’s will.

Soon we will pass the baton on to you to watch over them. We know you will love Ruth as much as we have come to love Mike. Every once in a while give her a hug and kiss and tell her it is from some very proud parents.

My heart was SO touched by the love that Mike’s in-laws have for him!  What a blessing that is in a marriage – to be loved and respected by your mother and father-in-law!

Scott’s reminder about our hard work and sacrifice in laying a foundation for Mike’s service to the Lord, served to motivate me to continue to encourage moms to stay faithful!

Moms ,don’t ever think what you are doing isn’t important! Work hard, and  stay faithful in preparing your kids to answer God’s call, and be ready to serve Him.

There is no greater thrill than to see your kids grow up to love and serve God, and lead others to Him! 



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  1. Hi Maureen! I’m so glad the post was encouraging to you! Keep up the good work with your little guy! God will bless your efforts.

  2. Thank you for this powerful and encouraging post. You have done a great job in raising a son that is loved and respected by whom he sees and talks to. You have given him the foundation necessary that when he leaves home, that he can carry with him. I have a small guy that I stay at home with and a lot of the times it’s hard to push through but somehow with God’s help, we are able to. I can see the difference it has made by my staying at home with my son and I too can only hope to just keep building on that foundation that will be with him for the rest of his life. I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday!

    Maureen |

  3. Tracey,
    I’m glad the post was encouraging to you. There is ALWAYS hope – I don’t think it is EVER too late to change things, but it IS harder as the kids get older and have developed bad habits, etc. My suggestion is to pray about what is most important to start changing, and then sit the kids down with a humble spirit. Admit that you have messed up by not teaching/training them the way you should, or by allowing (_______) which isn’t pleasing to God, etc. Let them know God spoke to you about it and you want to make things right so they will grow to please Him and get His blessings. When you start with an apology, their hearts are much more open to what you have to say.
    Love & prayers!

  4. Thank you for your encouraging post…..I lost my way and gave up too soon because of the overwhelming responsibility that being a mother brings with it and because I struggle with perfectionism…..4 years ago I decided to begin homeschooling because the desire to raise them in a godly environment was greater than the desire to fail…..they are now 11 and 12 but my biggest regret is falling away as they have been drawn into so many worldly ways already that the training is now even more overwhelming and challenging… there hope for a mom whose training has perhaps begun too late and who is feeling like the task at hand is greater than the strength needed?

  5. Stacey, thank you! So glad to hear that this was the encouragement you needed today. I love how perfect God’s timing always is! ~Kathie

  6. This is beautiful. From a mom who needed some encouragement today, thank you so very much for sharing this letter and these precious words.

  7. Hi Kristin! Thanks for stopping in. Glad the post was encouraging to you. 🙂 ~Kathie

  8. Thanks for the kind words, and for praying!

  9. Well done, Mom! {{Hugs}} Beautiful tribute to your son, and to you for how you raised him. Definitely will be praying for all of them!

  10. I hope that the post will encourage moms to stay the course; results don’t come as soon as we’d often like, but God is faithful and blesses our efforts when WE are faithful!

  11. Thank you Helene! Please pray for them at this time.

  12. Michele, I love that verse! And it’s true – the joy I feel when I see my “kids” serving God is hard to contain.

  13. Stacey, it is a blessing to see how God is using him, and definitely a parent’s dream — no greater joy than our kids walking in truth.

  14. What a blessing that letter is! And a good reminder to stay the course as well as perhaps pass that love on through another letter for someone else. Stopping by from Wholehearted Wednesday.

  15. There’s plenty there to provoke tears! May God bless their work in His service and the Christansen family!

  16. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking with God.”
    I guess our hearts are one with the Apostle John on that one, because I know it brings a smile to my face when I see my kids walking in obedience. Thanks for this post at Women with Intention.

  17. Wow! Isn’t that every parent’s dream! You’ve raised a son that brings joy to all of those around him.

  18. My oh my! I am praying for God’s healing and thankfulness of knowing His will. It is a blessing when we know what we are doing today impacts the tomorrow of those around us.

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