Prayer Challenge Volume 2 Praying Biblical Virtues For Your Children

 Introducing Part 2 Of Our 30 Day Prayer Challenge 


I believe that prayer is the most important part of rearing our children. Why? Because God can do what we cannot do! 


The battle for our kids is waged on our knees, so we need to saturate their lives in prayer.

When we regularly and consistently come before the Lord on behalf of our family, we are acknowledging our dependence on Him to work in their lives. The exciting thing is that He invites us to come to Him on behalf of our or children!

Thus saith the Lord, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.” Isaiah 45:11

It’s not enough to diligently teach our kids about God and His Word. We must also pray for God to work in their hearts in a mighty way.

We need to work as though it all depends on us and pray as though it all depends on Him!

I believe that the power of God penetrates a child’s life when a parent prays, yet so often we neglect it and get discouraged when we see them making wrong choices. We wonder if the mistakes we make as a parent are the reason for their wrong choices.

The thing to remember is that none of us can be perfect, and that’s okay because it’s being a praying parent that makes the difference, and that is something we ALL can be!

Our weapon as we pray:

To make our prayers more powerful and effective, we need to use God’s word as our weapon. If we declare the Word of God as we pray, we have a powerful weapon that no enemy can prevail against.

The Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. Hebrews 4:12

One of the best things you can do for your kids is to pray Scripture for them! 

I’d love for you to join me for  a 30 day Scripture prayer challenge:

Praying Biblical Virtues For Your Children (Volume 2)

This prayer challenge is totally free and will include a daily prayer based on Scripture, as well as additional Scriptures to reflect on and personalize into prayers for your children. When you join you will get a welcome email, and then a daily email with a prayer challenge for each of the 30 days. We will begin the challenge on June 1st.


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Take a look at the Table of Contents to see the things we will be praying about for our children:
I have created a beautiful journal to go along with this challenge. This is totally optional, but I have found that when I journal my prayers, the Scriptures become more meaningful to me, and I’m able to focus my thoughts on the prayer that God is impressing on my heart. The journal has an additional 5 days of prayers & Scriptures, as well as a printable with all of the prayers and a verse for each, which you can keep in your Bible.
The journal includes:
  • A daily prayer for your children’s character
  • Several suggested Scriptures to reflect on
  • Space for writing your own personal prayers
  • A set of 30 prayer cards that go along with the challenge

For more details click here.

My prayer is that you will join me for this challenge, and prepare to see God work in the hearts and lives of your children!

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Louise! I’m so glad you’re going through the first prayer challenge. You can definitely sign up for the 2nd one later — once it starts on June 1 it will be set so people can sign up at any time and go through it.

  2. Hi Kathie
    I would love to join up for the prayer challenge vol 2 but I’m still finishing the first one (up to day 11). Can I join at a later date?
    Like Donna, most of our children are grown up. We have one daughter at home still who’s 15. Three have left home and we love to pray for them all including our son in law and daughter in law to be. Now we include any future husbands for our two unmarried daughters as well as future grandchildren and great grandchildren too!
    My husband and myself both come from unbelieving families so we want to leave a heritage of prayer cover over our family. Thank you for the challenge. It has been a real learning curve and encouragement.

  3. I agree totally! Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

  4. We should never stop praying for our children no matter how old they are or we are. #Awisewoman linkup

  5. Hi Nerissa! Yes, the challenge starts on June 1st — thank you for pointing that out to me! I updated the email.

  6. I just want to clarify that this starts June 1st. The email says August 1…thanks

  7. I would like to share this on whatts ap with our women prayergroup. But I don’t see the ap mark….

  8. Donna, I love that! WE are the ones who need to be praying for them, and yes, even when they are grown!

  9. If we’re not praying for our children, who is? Mine are grown, but they still need prayer!

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