Plan A Successful Homeschool Year In 5 Easy Steps

There’s something exciting about preparing for another school year, isn’t there? At the same time, planning can be stressful. We all want to plan a successful homeschool year, so we agonize over things like:

  • How do you plan a curriculum?
  • How can I have a productive homeschool day?
  • How do I write a homeschool plan?
  • How do you homeschool multiple?
  • Which homeschool curriculum is best?
  • How do you finish the homeschool year strong?
  • How many hours a day should you spend homeschooling?

After homeschooling my own children for 30 years, I have some answers and I’d love to help you. 

Let me show you how to plan a successful homeschool year in 5 easy steps.

Plan a successful homeschool year

Although each homeschool looks different, there are some practical steps that can be applied to ANY homeschool for a more successful school year.

I’d like to take some of the stress out of your planning for this school year as I  share 5 simple steps that worked for me over our 31-year homeschooling journey. I’ll give you all the information and resources that you need to plan a successful homeschool year.

I’ll help you do your homeschool planning and preparing  WITHOUT  feeling overwhelmed!

Allow me to walk you through the steps in the videos and lessons, then answer any questions you have in the Facebook group for the course.

This step-by-step homeschool planning course includes:

  • 6 Videos
  • A lesson book with a transcript of the videos, and action steps
  • A Printable Pray For My Homeschool Prayer Journal
  • My Printable Create Your Homeschool Mission Statement packet
  • The Printable Homeschool Planning & Record-Keeping Tools pack with all the charts you will ever need.

Plan a successful homeschool year in 5 easy steps

Topics covered are:

  •  The Most Important Step In Preparing For A New School Year
  •  Homeschool Goals For Success
  •  Choosing A Yearly Homeschool Schedule
  •   10 Tips for Planning Your Homeschool Day
  •  Creating School & Chore Checklists


Creating my homeschool mission statemetn

This is something you can use every year as you begin to plan and prepare for your homeschool year. 

This homeschool planning pack will help you maintain the focus on your priorities, as well as guide you in all the different decisions you need to make as you begin your preparation. All the forms you need to plan, and stay organized are included. 

Homeschool planning & record keeping tools

The course will take place in a private Facebook group, and everything you need will be included there. You can work through it at your own pace, and will have access year after year. (If you aren’t on Facebook, let me know after you register and I will send you the course contents via DropBox.)

Join me as you prepare for another successful homeschool year!!

All of this for only $29.97!

Plan a Successful Homeschool Year

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