The Best Way To Wear Your Hair Up Without Getting A Headache

Do you struggle with headaches after wearing your hair up on the top of your head in a ponytail or bun? You are not alone! Many women suffer from these types of headaches. But you don’t have to!


Why does wearing my hair up give me a headache? “Hair headaches” are usually caused by the tension and pulling created by the hair accessories used to hold your hair in tight braids or a tight ponytail. The easiest and best way to prevent this is to use a Flexi clip! A great option, these simple but beautiful hair clips work by “hugging” your hair using tension in the clip itself- not pulling from the roots. Soft, loose different hairstyles, like loose braids, are another great way to avoid these tension headaches if your scalp is very sensitive.

The Best Way To Wear Your Hair Up Without Getting A Headache

Text on Image Reads The Best Way To Wear Your Hair Up Without Getting A Headache

Did you know that tight hairstyles put pressure on your scalp and the nerves on your head? This can lead to pain and tension headaches and it can also damage your hair follicles. But is it damaging to wear your hair up? If you wear your hair in a tight bun or high ponytail every day you can affect your long-term hair health, cause hair loss or breakage and suffer from hair or ponytail headaches at the same time!

This is actually a very common issue. Most hair accessories on the market cause tension and pull on your scalp, which has extremely sensitive nerve endings below the hair follicles. And, most of us wear our hair the same way most of the time, so we are often putting the same tension on our scalp over and over, making the issue worse and causing this kind of headache.

So, how do we prevent this type of headache?

The best way I have found to wear your hair up without getting a headache and prevent tension headaches is with Flexi clips from Lilla Rose. They are designed to hold your hair without pulling on it. The clip itself is made with piano wire with a lightweight cast metal pin, and when you put it in your hair the wire flexes and creates tension in the clip itself while holding your hair gently and securely without pulling or causing a ponytail headache.

woman wearing hair up side ponytails without a headache

Flexi clips come in seven different sizes as well, so no matter the weight of your hair, if you have fine thin hair or super curly or thick hair, there is a flexi for you! You can find the size that works best for your hair by clicking HERE

I am a busy homemaking and homeschooling mom of 4, and I don’t spend a lot of time on my hair. In the past, my go-to hairstyle was a tight ponytail held with regular elastic hair ties, a messy bun held by way too many bobby pins, or a giant claw clip that was always sticking me in the back of the head. 

12 years ago my mother-in-law gifted me a Flexi clip and I stopped using all of my other accessories because it was so pretty and easy to use! Then, I discovered that my hair was looking healthier, I had no nasty tension headaches from my hair, and I no longer had a section of damaged hair where my elastic band used to be. After that, I threw away all my other hair accessories! 

half hair up with no headaches flexi clip

Are long hair headaches getting you down? Here’s help.

The clip in my hair in the photo below is the one my mother-in-law gifted to me, and I still wear it 12 years later. Lilla Rose flexi clips are very well made! In the past decade, my Flexies have survived the washer and dryer many times, and they have also survived my toddlers playing with them. My daughter, who is three, is excited to start sharing them with me! 

woman with low ponytail with no headache flexi clip

There are beautiful designs from simple and classic to blingy and eye-catching- Click Here To See Flexi Styles 

And often one or two clips will allow you to make many different hairstyles! I mostly use extra small and small. This is great because you can change up your style using the same clip- the size that holds your ponytail will also hold a half-up twist or a soft and feminine side gathered ponytail. 

Different Methods To Wear Your Hair Up Without Getting A Headache

A lazy wrap bun or French twist with a flexi is perfect for keeping your hair up off your neck (and out of little hands!) this summer while looking cute and avoiding headaches. 

You can check out my Instagram reels for hairstyle ideas.

Even if you have very long or thick hair, a flexi can help you wear it all up in a comfortable way. It squeezes the hair inside the clip rather than pulling on your scalp, so your hairstyle stays secure and you will barely even know you’re wearing the clip!

woman with long hair up no headaches

If you are looking for a different hairstyle, my favorite everyday hairstyle with a flexi is what I call a messy French twist. It literally takes me about 30 seconds, and no bobby pins or elastic bands are required. I love that I can have cute mom hair with little effort or time! 

The best option for a headache-free high ponytail is the flexi sport- an extra grippy clip with a silicone-like coating that will not slip. They come in lots of different colors, and they are also waterproof and washable.

sports ponytail up no headache

Flexi Sports are also a great choice for super-soft silky hair. They come in two sizes currently, and they are reversible as shown below. This makes them extra versatile and you can do multiple styles with one clip! 

Again, the flexi and flexi sport don’t pull on your hair, so you can wear it up comfortably all day without headaches and ponytail pain.

examples of ponytail up no headache

Thanks for reading, and may you have many headache-free hair days!


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