How to Keep Kids Interested in Reading the Bible

One of the biggest questions Christian parents have is how to keep kids interested in reading the Bible. From a young age, children in bible-believing families are told Bible stories, go to church on Sunday morning, and may even have their own Bible. As young children get older, many parents begin to see a trend of their kids showing less interest in reading their Bibles. In this post, we’re going to look at a few practical ways to help your kids stay motivated and actually enjoy reading the Word of God.


How to Keep Kids Interested in Reading the Bible

 practical tips for how to keep kids interested in reading the Bible

Before diving into the suggestions, I first want to address something that’s not always talked about. If we want our children to maintain an interest in God’s Word, we need to set an example. That has always been the best way. When we take interest in reading the Word and become intentional about our own spiritual growth, it sets our kids up for success in a powerful way. Of course, this isn’t meant to condemn you because we all fall short. It’s a gentle reminder and pushes us to prioritize reading the Bible in our own lives. Then, we can expect the same of our kids.

Set aside bible reading time for the entire family.

Doing family devotions has always helped set a good example of how to properly prioritize the important things in life. Reading the Word together is a great place to start by actively showing them the place God’s Word should have in their lives. Family Bible study is also a great opportunity for family worship, asking questions, and discussing the practical application of the passages read. When it comes to the types of resources to use, you can always start with the actual Bible itself. If there are younger children involved, you can include extra books and resources. Speaking of which, let’s talk about that next.

Use a variety of Bible-based resources.

Again, depending on the age and developmental level of your kids, there are a number of resources to consider using:

These are just a few ideas that pair perfectly with the Bible and cater to children’s interests. Using extra resources also shows your children that there are different ways to read and study the Word of God. If your children are studying something specific in their Sunday school classes, you could also consider using their Sunday school curriculum throughout the week. In the end, always consider your child’s learning style and level of development. Go where their needs lead and try not to be pushy with whatever resources you do choose to use.

Study specific Bible characters.

When reading Scripture, it can be difficult making the connections between the characters being just that – characters – and them being real people that lived on this earth at one point in time. By doing a character study, you can develop a regular Bible study time while choosing a good place to start with younger and older children alike. In fact, you can use this particular type of study to have your older kids help with the younger ones, especially if you notice a teaching gift in them. Not to mention, this is the perfect way to build a close relationship between siblings.

Follow your children’s interests.

Have you ever asked your kids what they’d like to learn about in Scripture? Their answers may surprise you. When they answer, write them down and see how you can work them into a regular Bible reading routine. Using their interests is a great way to show them that their input, ideas, and desires matter. If we’re going to teach them the Word, we should help them see it active in their lives. Nevertheless, God wants to give us the desires of our hearts, so we could show them what that looks like!

Final Thoughts

One of the most exciting things is to know that your kids are interested in reading the Bible. While you may want your kids to read on a daily basis, focus more on their time spend in the Word being effective and Holy Spirit-led. Take your time with their Bible-reading journey and before you know it, they will have the entire Bible read! And don’t forget to set those examples. They will learn best (and the most) from those who are showing them the way. Even if you’ve done the suggestions mentioned above, stick with strengthening your relationship with the Father. It will have an impact on the next generation whether you see it now or later.

What are some ways you keep your kids interested in reading the Bible? 


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