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Your First Steps to Fun and Consistent Character Training!

Mom, I hear you.

You want to be faithful and consistent in building Godly character in your kids.

And maybe you’ve tried for a time.

But then overwhelm sinks in and you don’t follow through.

The busyness of life takes over…. or you just get stuck. Now you’re left wondering how to move on to the next character trait.

Maybe it’s your own struggles. You’re finding it hard to deal with your own character faults and inconsistencies (I know, I’ve been there!)

Or possibly it’s that you never really got started at all. 

And now you’re starting to feel defeated.

You’re thinking maybe the way things are right now is your reality. You’ll just never be able to teach character consistently.

Believe me, I know the feeling.

In fact it I have been where you are! I felt overwhelmed, defeated and heavily burdened.

I knew I needed things to change.

I needed to learn exactly where to start and how to take consistent steps each day to build Godly character in my children.

Wouldn't it be amazing to wake up each day confident, knowing you're intentionally building Godly character in your kids?

Kids laying on grass in summer

I knew teaching character was a priority, but here's where I got stuck ...

I started off buying a few books, looking things up online and finding Bible verses to create a character lesson for the week.

But the problem with that was life was busy. When we were done with the lesson, I often did not have another one ready. 

We missed days and sometimes weeks because I was stuck there.

So even though it was important to us, I was inconsistent because I didn’t have the resources I needed to help me teach it consistently.

Come Take a look inside!

maybe you know the feeling...

You want to teach character, but you don't know where to start

You can know exactly where to start each day. Wake up ready to go with short character lessons that are both fun and impactful!

You don't have time to add teaching character to your schedule

As busy moms it can seem impossible to add "one more thing" to our day! What if I showed you how you can teach Godly character in just 10-15 minutes per day? Anyone can work that into their schedule!

You Feel Like You're Not Consistent Enough to Teach Character

I get it! Consistency is hard, but not impossible! With the right resources, you CAN teach character consistently. You can raise kids with Godly character and a heart for God.

It all changed for me when...

As my kids got a little older, I found some resources to teach them character. The resources had great content, and yes, the kids sat through the lessons… but they were missing two important pieces:

  • They weren’t fun
  • They were lacking practical application

I knew then that I wanted to create character lessons and a full character curriculum that teaches both Godly character in a fun way AND provides the connection of how to apply the lessons to their lives!

I’m here to tell you, there’s an easier way to build Godly character in your kids than what you’re doing right now.

Let’s do this together!

Introducing the Mini character building boot camp !

Your First Steps to Fun and Consistent Character Training!

The Character Corner Mini Character Building Boot Camp!

Take a look inside...

Easy done For you lessons

All lessons are done for you and ready to teach in 10-15 minutes each day!

Games, Activities and crafts

Lessons include Games, activities, crafts or self evaluations to help teach practical application to encourage real life change!

Teach the Top Three Character Traits

Teach 3 key character traits for 2 weeks each to build a strong foundation. Your Child Will Learn Obedience, Attentiveness and Self Control.

Imagine What It Would Feel Like...

To end your day feeling confident, relieved and hopeful. You go to bed and actually rest …. knowing you are consistently instilling Godly character in your kids.

Sounds Awesome right?


When you purchase your Mini Character Building Boot Camp, you will receive your lessons by email. If you purchased the limited time accountability group upgrade, you will receive access to a private Facebook group as well.

The Mini Character Building Boot Camp was designed for children pre-K through upper elementary. The lessons include a variety of material that can be adapted to different ages and to work with multiple children. Your older children can even sit in with the others to help or become teachers for a day!

Both boot camp types will provide your child the opportunity to learn 3 key character traits with with lessons, activities, crafts, evaluations and coloring pages.  

The upgraded accountability group will provide additional support from other moms and Kathie Morrissey of The Character Corner.  The group will be held as a private Facebook Group. There will be tips, checkpoints, encouragement and Q&A calls with Kathie during the 6 week boot camp!

This mini Character Building Boot Camp is a great jumpstart or refresh to teaching character. It has updated lessons, activities, evaluations, games and coloring pages. This is a great way to start off building Godly character in your kids.

The Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue and Little Lads and Ladies of Wisdom Curriculum is your next step after the boot camp to continue building that firm foundation of character in your child’s life!

What is your return policy?

Due to the digital nature of the product, We do not accept returns in any circumstances. Thank you for understanding.

Hi! I'm Kathie!

Though my homeschooling days are behind me now that all eight of the kids have graduated,  I still stay busy as I run The Character Corner, travel to conferences, speak, and share encouragement to help moms become purposeful in parenting and building Godly character in their kids!

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