How to Build Godly Character Through Example

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As a parent, it is important to realize that the character of your children is greatly formed by example and the influences they have in their daily lives. Therefore it is vital to know how to build Godly character through example, as well as be aware of what kind of examples your kids are being exposed to daily.

How to Build Godly Character Through Example

2 Ways To Build Godly Character Through Example

1. By Parental Example

Our kids are always watching what we do, and how we respond to daily situations in life. We must strive to set a good example for them, because no matter what we teach or say to them, they are going to do what we DO. (Like Father, Like Son)

You can’t expect them to be honest if they hear you lying about things. You can’t expect them to have self-control if you are always losing control and getting angry. You can’t expect them to be diligent if you aren’t diligent about your work.

If you want them to love God, they’ve got to see that you love Him, and want to obey Him.

Your actions reveal to them what is really important to you, so it’s imperative to remember that those words along with your actions will influence your kids and their character.

I love this statement made by Clay Clarkson:

Our actions and words reveal to our kids what is really important to us. It is important to always be aware that our words and actions are influencing our kids and their character.

Of course you will make mistakes and have areas of struggle, as no parent is perfect. The key is to let your children know you are trying to do better, while asking God to give you strength to grow.

Your kids will be encouraged by the fact that you are willing to admit your struggles, and rather than making excuses for them you are working on those weak areas.

2. By Giving Them Godly Role Models

Strive to intentionally get your children around people who will encourage them in the Biblical teaching they hear from you in the home, and people who set a good example of character and Godliness.

Here are three simple ways to give your kids Godly role models:

  • Read biographies of great Christians with Godly character .
  • Honor Godly adults for the character traits they exhibit.

This post tells how we had celebrations to honor Godly adults so our children would get  to know them, and  see what certain character traits looked like in action:  How To Give Your Kids Godly Role Models.

This was something we really enjoyed doing, and our kids loved it! It was a great way to get them around Godly men and women.

  • Help them get to know missionaries.

We encouraged our children to get to know the missionaries that came to our church missions conference each year, and they enjoyed saving their prayer cards, praying for them, and writing to some of them.

I believe that by pointing our kids to these Godly role models, it gave them more of a desire to serve the Lord. 

My oldest son is now a missionary, and I have no doubt that seed was planted in his little heart as a young boy when he met missionaries that we invited over for dinner, or met at the missions conferences.

Today’s challenge is simple:  

1. Start thinking about Godly role models that you can point your kids to.

2. Make a list of people you’d like to have your children get to know, and plan a time to invite them over to honor them, or just have them visit.

3. Make another list with biographies you want to read to your children, or have them read. Choose one to start with this week.

Did you miss the other posts in the series? Visit here to read more!

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  1. Aww, thanks Selam! SO glad you have been enjoying the posts and other info!

  2. God bless you for the wonderful insights you provide in various topics,can’t stop coming back to your website!

  3. Thanks for this post! I love the practical ideas of how to expose our kids to godly role models!

  4. Amazing article. I never thought about choosing Christian books that provide godly examples.

  5. Hi Cassy,

    To enter the giveaway, go to the bottom of the post where you will see a box that says “Enter for your chance to Win a One Year Multi-User Subscription for the “Life Skill’s for You Curriculum” from the Etiquette Factory”. Click on the two options to enter – Visit the Etiquette Factory, and visit The Character Corner. 🙂

    My kids loved the Trailblazer Books — they are biograhpies with an added fiction element to make them interesting yet factual.
    They also enjoyed many from the Men of Faith Series, and Women of Faith Series. They are published by Bethany House.

  6. Will you please share some ideas of biographies I could start with my 12 year old daughter?
    Thank you so much.

    I’m not sure how to enter the giveaway but would love to. 🙂

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