Fun Ideas to Keep the Summer Learning Going

Just because the school year has ended, doesn’t mean that your children have to stop learning! Why not keep the summer learning going, with some of these fun ideas?


Fun Ideas to Keep the Summer Learning Growing

Here are a few ways to maximize and keep the summer learning going without taking away from summer fun.

1. Exchange math texts for games

Math is definitely one of the subjects that are most forgotten over the summer. Keeping your children engaged with math throughout the summer is key to minimizing forgotten skills.

One way to do this is with games. There are a plethora of games you can find at a thrift store or on Amazon that are fun but also math-based.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Sum Swamp

Head Full of Numbers

Money Bags

Pizza Fraction Fun

Dino Math Tracks

Games are a fantastic method to encourage summer learning with the added benefit of spending time together as a family.

Check out 6 of My Favorite Homeschool Resources for more fun ways to review and drill over the summer, without textbooks.

2. Have a summer reading strategy

Did you know that kids regress in their learning during the summer? How do I stop summer learning loss? Be sure to get a plan in place to read aloud together, AND to keep them reading on a regular basis!

(Why You Should Read to Your Child Every Night)

3. Catch up on missed books/assignments

Is the summer slide a real thing? It actually is! And there are simple ways you can work to overcome it so that your kids head into the new school year with an advantage. 

If you have books that you wanted to read but overlooked or skipped, summer is a great time to do it.

Or, if you have a few miscellaneous worksheets that you’d like to finish, put them together in a folder and offer some kind of prize for completing the work.

4. Older kids can volunteer at a local museum or historical site

Volunteering can be a great way for your kids to keep the learning going this summer! They will have experiences from places both familiar and unfamiliar, and learn how things look from the back end. 

Check zoos, aquariums, museums, or wildlife preservations. Also look into your local churches and charitable organizations, they are always looking for help, and can teach some valuable skills, selflessness and teamwork. These are all exciting choices and typically they are on the lookout for young volunteers.

If your teen is looking to learn a trade, maybe they could do a summer apprenticeship. Check with local unions or even friends and family who work in the trade to see if they offer summer apprenticeships.

5. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill like sewing, crocheting, painting with watercolors, or calligraphy can be done over the summer. Check out your local maker spaces or even public school systems and park districts for summer mini-skills camps. There are so many resources in your community to learn how to do new and interesting things. 

Children and adults alike can master a new skill in three to four months’ time. Don’t limit yourself by thinking that learning can only come in the form of the 3 Rs. Life skills count too!

6. Video school

If you are a family that relishes hiding the school books for a couple of months then I have one word for you . . . streaming.

Netflix, Hulu, and all of the major streaming services offer documentaries on just about everything imaginable. From woodworking to wars and culinary to cats, streaming is a great way to keep the summer learning going.

Put the baby down for a nap, make some popcorn, and watch a documentary together. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself making lists of documentaries to watch next. Just be sure to check the content prior to viewing with a site like Plugged in to read honest reviews and to look for things you may not want your children consuming. 

Get the kids involved in the movie idea list-making. Their involvement will help minimize potential grumbling. Also, this will help you keep their interests piqued as they each get to choose some movies that will speak to their own tastes and ideas. 

This summer, make learning fun! With these fun and exciting ideas, you will find that it is easier than you think to keep the summer learning going. You don’t have to be a genius to learn – all you need are some fun and interesting activities to keep your mind busy. From learning new languages to watching amazing documentaries, there is something for everyone on this list. So put on your “learning hat” and get started!

With these fun ideas, you will find that it is easier than you think to keep the summer learning going!

Fun ideas to keep the summer learning going

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Fun ideas to keep the summer learning going


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