Character Building Activities For Summer

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A lack of character in your children can lead to frustration and discouragement, as well as a lack of joy in the home. This is why character training activities for summer are so important. When kids haven’t developed certain character traits, your interactions with them will be more challenging, and it will be more difficult to keep them motivated in the slower summer months.

But even if you haven’t yet begun teaching your kids the virtues of good character, it’s not too late. 

Why do I say that?

Because I believe character training activities for summer will help your children thrive both now and in their futures!

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Character Training Activities For Summer

While you can find many posts with great ideas for summer fun as a family, I’d like to suggest something to add to your daily routine.

If your children haven’t learned the character trait of obedience, summer is not going to be fun. That is no matter how great your plans are for summer fun. They won’t listen and do what they are supposed to do. The daily battles of the will wear you down quickly.

The most important task of parents  is to prepare their children for life,  and the best way to prepare them for life is to teach, model, and promote the development of godly character. Character training is the most important activity for a parent  to be engaged in. If a child  is taught nothing else save character alone, he will be better prepared for life than those who are taught pure academics but no character. 

God’s Word tells us that first, we should build our children’s faith, then their character (virtue), and then add knowledge or academics. (II Peter 1:5)

Download 1 free week of character lessons to use with your kids. They only take about 10 minutes a day and I guarantee your kids will love them! 

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Be sure to also download this ebook for practical character training tips for different ages and stages. (170 pages of helpful ideas!)

Building Godly character in your children contains 30 days of encouraging posts to help you with all ages and stages of character training in your children.

Character Training Activities For Summer

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