A 7 Day Challenge to Connect to Your Child and Win Their Heart

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Are you wondering how to connect to your child and win their heart? Having a strong connection to your children is one of your most powerful tools as a parent! 

Connecting with your children shows them that they are loved, and builds their confidence. 

Every child, regardless of their age, longs to please their parents and have a close relationship with them. 

Kids who spend quality time with their parents act and think differently than those who don’t. They process life in a different way, and relate and respond differently.

You will find that they are less vulnerable and more stable, and have a good sense of identity.

Wise parents will passionately pursue a close relationship with their kids and intentionally seek to connect.

This will then create strong heart ties that lead to winning and keeping their hearts.

Connect to Your Child and Win Their Heart Challenge The Character Corner

Here are some of the benefits when you connect to your child:

1. Confidence

A strong connection with your children builds their confidence making them feel secure and loved.

2. Happiness

Kids love spending time with their parents, and when the connection is strong it makes for happy children that feel wanted and valued.

3. Cooperation

Rather than being defiant, children want to be cooperative when we keep their love tank full daily they feel and they feel connected to us.

Pam Leo of Connection Parenting describes the power of connection very well:

“Keeping children’s love cup (emotional fuel tank) filled is the key to effective parenting. When children feel loved and connected, they care about what we need and feel. It is only when children care about what we need and feel that they respond to parental guidance. When children are low on emotional fuel, they become anxious, stressed, and angry.”

4. Security

Kids who have a good relationship and strong bond with their parents feel secure, viewing their home and family as a safe place.

5. Sense of belonging and feeling loved

There’s nothing better for children than feeling loved by their parents, and having that wonderful feeling that they have a special place where they belong. It is a great way to boost their confidence and increase their emotional well-being!

While it’s obvious that there are many benefits to having a strong connection with your kids, we live in a society that is becoming more and more disconnected.

There are many reasons for this, but the important thing is evaluating where your family is in the area of connection, and working on building and keeping a strong connection with your children.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best), how would you rate your relationship with your children?

Was there a time in the past when that number was higher? If so, what happened in your family that made the number lower?

Wondering what you can do to make the number higher?

Join me for a FREE 7-day challenge to connect to your child and win their heart!

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Some of the topics that will be included are:

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