5 Powerful Ways New Homeschoolers Can Find Encouragement

30 Days of Homeschool Encouragement and Inspiration

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There are some powerful ways that new homeschoolers can find encouragement as they begin their journey. 

Making the decision to homeschool isn’t always easy. When you’ve finally taken the plunge, you may feel super excited to get started. Then, the reality of it all sinks in, along with the feelings of overwhelm and loneliness.

Quickly you find yourself as a new homeschooler needing encouragement. You may even start to second guess your decision, wondering if you’ll ever be able to sort through it all.

Never fear! Hold on to hope!

Whether you are beginning in the early years or taking a deschooling path as you transition from public school to homeschool, you will find these tips and resources powerful ways to discover the support you need to feel confident as a new homeschooler.  (These tips are also great even if you’re not NEW to homeschooling!)

5 Powerful Ways New Homeschoolers Can Find Encouragement


1. Local Support

Ask around in your community about homeschool co-ops and groups as they can be a powerful way new homeschoolers can find encouragement.

Having local homeschool contacts can be extremely helpful in navigating state homeschool laws, as well as getting a feel for how the local school district deals with homeschoolers.

For example, when we made the jump from public school to homeschool, I was blessed to have a local mom hold my hand throughout the process.

Our state (Pennsylvania) is quite strict in its homeschool regulations and the thought of creating a homeschool portfolio terrified me. My friend was a tremendous source of encouragement and guidance as I became accustomed to this new world.

2. Podcasts for New Homeschoolers to Find Encouragement

There is something special about putting on a pair of earbuds and tuning out from reality for a bit as you complete chores or relax on the porch.

Podcasts with homeschool themes are jam-packed with valuable information and encouragement. You can get tips and tricks from homeschool moms who have been there and done that!

One of my favorite homeschool podcasters is Pam Barnhill. She has three podcasts (Your Morning Basket, Homeschool Snapshots, and The Homeschool Solutions Show). I have the honor of being the 2018 guest host for her Homeschool Snapshots podcast (squeal!). You will find such refreshment and peace knowing that you are not alone in your homeschooling journey.

A few of my other favorite homeschool podcasts that I highly recommend are Julie Bogart’s Brave Writer podcast and Colleen Kessler’s Raising Lifelong Learners. Such amazing awesomeness to soak up!

3. Facebook Groups

Need an easy way to find other homeschoolers who just get what you are going through? Join and get involved in homeschool Facebook groups! These communities can be absolutely fabulous for helping you find the answers and support you need, especially when you are having one of “those” days.

I highly recommend my Rock Your Homeschool! Facebook group. Our community was created specifically as a place for friends to join for homeschool encouragement and support. We have share threads for motivation and inspiration, as well as opportunities to ask questions based on your current situation.

4. Blogs 

Oh my stars! There are so many delightful blogs dedicated to helping new homeschoolers to find encouragement, support, and resources.

Simply do an online search and you will discover a sea of ideas and ways to thrive in your homeschooling adventures.

Of course, I highly recommend my own site, Rock Your Homeschool (ahem!). My friend, Jen, shares marvelous advice for working homeschool moms at Practical, By Default.

If you are homeschooling boys, Michelle (Homeschool Your Boys) is the lady with the answers (and I say this as the mom of five boys!).

My point is that you can find specific homeschool help from moms who care and want to share their experiences and knowledge.

When you find a blog you love, bookmark it and subscribe for updates. You will be so glad that you did!

5. Books

Homeschoolers are so fortunate to have an amazing selection of resources to choose for encouragement.

Sarah Mackenzie’s Teaching From Rest is simply a must-have in your homeschool mom reading basket.

Pam Barnhill’s Better Together will help you discover how to customize your homeschool morning to create special moments as you simplify your homeschool.

Durenda Wilson’s The Unhurried Homeschooler provides invaluable reminders to slow down and enjoy your homeschooling journey.

 I truly hope that these 5 Powerful Ways New Homeschoolers Can Find Encouragement place you on the path towards encouragement and delight.

Which of these suggestions do you feel will be the most beneficial to you?


Amy Milcic, a homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys, believes that you can have homeschool fun as you boost learning, relationships, & life. She shares resources & support to help you shine as you rock your homeschool.


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5 Powerful Ways New Homeschoolers Can Find Encouragement

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