30 Days Of Homeschool Encouragement & Inspiration Series

30 Days of Homeschool Encouragement and Inspiration

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It’s THAT time of year again — the time when homeschool moms are either starting the new school year or getting ready to start. It’s often a time of excitement, though at times it can be mixed with fear or even dread for some.

Perhaps you’re wondering how you ever made it to the end of the last year and if you even want to homeschool again after this year! Or maybe you ARE excited but would like some extra inspiration!

After homeschooling for 31 years, I know the different emotions that the challenges and struggles of homeschooling can bring, and I’d love to come alongside and encourage you!

Will you join me for 30 Days of Homeschool Encouragement and Inspiration?

30 Days of Homeschool Encouragement


Join me and some of my blogging friends as we bring you our best homeschooling tips and encouragement!

Sign up below and I will send you a daily email with a link to the post for each day of the series!

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Homeschool Inspiration For When You Are Weary
  • Ingredients of Successful Homeschooling
  • How to Handle Conflict In Your Homeschool
  • When You Want To Quit Homeschooling Do These 5 Things Instead
  • Finding Inspiration In The Struggles
  • Encouragement From A Homeschooled Daughter
  • How To Get It All Done As A Homeschool Mom

…..and many other practical posts that are packed full of helpful tips that will encourage you and inspire you to keep on!

Take a few minutes a day to be encouraged and inspired in your homeschool journey!

Whether you are feeling discouraged right now about homeschooling, or if you’re excited about planning and preparing for the next school year, you will find this series helpful.

Each day will begin with an email from me with the newest post in the series. It won’t take long to read but will give you a nice shot in the arm.

Oh, did I mention that it’s totally FREE?!?

This FREE email series is for you if any of the following is true:

  • You homeschool
  • You’re thinking about homeschooling
  • You are thinking about QUITTING homeschooling
  • Encouragement is something you LOVE!
  • Find yourself struggling with discouragement in your homeschool
  • Homeschooling is going great, but you love to keep learning
  • You want tips to help you in your homeschool

You don’t want to miss any of these great posts, so sign up now!

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