10 Things Our Kids REALLY Need

What are some things our kids REALLY need?


As parents, we want to do all we can to provide for our children and give them what they need, but often we fall into the trap of thinking that our kids need lots of THINGS.

Your kids don’t even really need all the THINGS their friends may have, or all the newest game systems or toys that come out. Don’t get caught up in materialism, and giving your kids lots of STUFF. (more than they even need)

I’m not saying it’s wrong to get things for your kids.

As parents, we love to show our love to our children by giving gifts or splurging on the newest popular item that has come out.

What IS wrong though, is thinking that if we provide all those things we are doing good, and our kids have what they need.

The truth is that some of the most important things our kids REALLY do need,  can’t be bought.

In today’s fast-paced and materialistic world, it’s crucial to remember that children need more than just material possessions. They need our time, attention, guidance, and love. The intangible qualities that shape their character and define their values are often the most significant gifts we can provide.

In this post, we will explore the 10 essential things every child needs beyond material possessions. These factors contribute to their emotional well-being, personal development, spiritual health, and overall happiness. By understanding and prioritizing these needs, we can be intentional to raise well-rounded, resilient, and content children who are prepared to thrive in the world.

10 things our kids REAlly need by the Character Corner

Here are 10 things  our kids REALLY need:

1. Our unconditional love

They need to know beyond a doubt that we will always love them, and nothing they can do will ever change that. Think of the security this gives our kids! That security will mean more to your kids than anything you can ever buy for them.

2. Our acceptance.

Do your kids feel that you accept them for who they are, or do they feel they need to change and measure up for you to accept them? It’s important that they feel accepted and loved for who they are.

When was the last time that you told them that something you loved about them, or what they did that you thought was great? They need to hear those things from us and be confident of our acceptance of them for who they are.

3. Our affirmation and our praise.

The best way to encourage positive behavior in our kids is by giving lots of sincere praise. Our kids need to know that we not only love them, but we also LIKE them.

What every child needs, no matter what age they are, is affirmation from their parents. Giving lots of affirmation confirms to them that they are special to you, and loved.

As parents, the words you use in your child’s life have the power either to bless or curse. Praying Biblical blessings for your children is an effective way to bring God’s blessings into their lives, and see His power work in their hearts.

Join our free 10-day challenge:  Praying Biblical Blessings For Your Children, and get started on speaking life into your children. 

4. Boundaries and rules that are enforced.

Even though kids may complain about the rules, if you have a good relationship with them and have their heart, they will trust you and know those rules are for their good. Kids feel more secure and loved when there are rules and boundaries in their homes. What a child needs from a parent are rules. Rules alone aren’t the problem, but rules with no relationship create a problem and push your kids away. 

Remember, it’s rules without relationships that lead to rebellion.

5. Training and discipline.

It is a Scriptural command that we bring our kids up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It is our job to train and discipline them with love, while pointing them to God’s Word and what He says is right and wrong. Biblical parenting focuses on the heart, not the behavior, and that’s why we need to use God’s Word for training and correction.

6. A knowledge of God and His Word.

As Christian parents, the most important thing we can do is build faith in our kids. The most important need of a child is to be based firmly in God’s Word. This comes as we teach them God’s Word regularly and talk about it throughout the day, relating it to all our activities and studies. This should be the foundation that all of our teaching and training rests on.

7. Character training.

The best way to prepare a child for life is to teach, model, and promote the development of Godly character. If a child is taught nothing else but character alone, he will be better prepared for life than those who are taught pure academics but no character.

8. Opportunities to fail.

Let your kids try new things, and don’t protect them from making mistakes. Some of the best lessons learned come from our mistakes.

9. Our time.

The BEST gift you can give your kids is the gift of your time. Being present and available to listen says to your children: “I love you, and you are important!”

10. A happy and peaceful home.

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10 things our kids really need by the character corner

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  1. Oh I could not agree with this list more! Fantastic. We are hosting a couple of extra kids this month and it is so clear that in the recent chaos of a separation/divorce they have missed out on so many of these things.

  2. Thanks Susanna! Some times we know these things, but just tend to forget. I always need reminders!

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