Teaching Our Kids To Be A Blessing To Others

Homeschooling moms, do your school plans include some activities for your children that will build their character? Teaching our kids to be a blessing to others is a great way to help them grow in Godly character!

When our kids were younger, we wanted them to learn to think of others, have compassion, do things to be a blessing to others, and also learn to perform and speak without fear. Part of our daily “school” time was spent in working on Scripture memory, learning songs, and working on little plays. We would then use what they had been practicing and learning, to be a blessing and encouragement to others.

Teaching Our Kids To Be A Blessing To Others

Teaching our kids to be a blessing to others

One of my favorite activities to accomplish all these things, was our ministry at nursing homes. One of my good friends, who was also homeschooling her kids, joined me in planning and preparing a program that the kids could perform. Some of the things that we had them do at these programs were:

  • Quote a passage of Scripture
  • Perform a play, that included songs and acting
  • Present a package of Patriotic songs, and poems
  • Sing solos, or a song as a family
  • Recite a narrative
  • Sing Hymns, and encourage the residents to sing along

Most of the nursing homes would give us about 20 – 30 minutes for our program and would bring all the residents into a room where there was a piano and a microphone. After we finished the program, the kids would then walk around and talk to the residents, and give them something they had made them. (Usually, a bookmark they had colored, that had a Bible verse on it).

The residents LOVED  watching the kids perform, and always enjoyed talking with them afterward. It made the kids feel so good to be able to talk to some of the folks who were lonely, and see how happy it made them that someone took time for them.

Teaching Your Children To Be A Blessing

Another thing that we did as a family, was to visit the widows in the church. We would make some kind of dessert for them, the kids would color pictures that had a Bible verse on it, and we would stop by their house for a short visit. Usually, we would have the kids quote a passage of Scripture for them, and then sing a couple of songs. After that, we would just chat for a little bit.

I can’t tell you how much this meant to these dear ladies who had lost their husbands. They were lonely, and some were still grieving, and it meant so much to them that as a family we took the time to come over and show them that we cared.

Valentine’s Day was another fun time for us. We wanted to teach our kids to think of others and show them love on that day. We would make cupcakes, and decorate them with hearts, then go visit people that we wanted to show our love to. (This included our Pastor & his wife, other people who had encouraged our family, and some of our relatives)

My favorite memory from this activity was the year we did this during a snowstorm. It was snowing pretty heavily, so we decided to “carol” at their door. We knocked on the door, then began singing “Dashing through the snow”  on Valentine’s Day. Everyone loved that!

We also took our kids Christmas caroling in December. For this, we chose older couples in the church, who would enjoy being visited, as well as church staff that we wanted to show our love to. We baked lots of Christmas goodies and put trays together to give at each house. After knocking on their door, we’d begin singing a Christmas carol. Usually, after a song or two,  they’d invite us in, and we’d visit for a short while before going on to the next home. The kids thought it was SO fun to go and sing for people and give them some goodies that THEY had helped to make or decorate.

Some of our favorite family memories go back to those times when we worked together to be a blessing to others!

What are some ways that you teach and encourage your kids to be a blessing to others?

teaching children to be a blessing


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  2. Gail, it’s great that you always found something they could do to reach out to others, and I’m SURE it made an impact on them!

  3. Debbie, isnt’ it fun to be a grandmother, and be able to not only enjoy them but also teach them things? It’s surprising how much they pick up at only one and two years old!

  4. Such great ways to show kids God’s love to others. I am a grandmother now of two toddlers so hoping to do things like that with them. I do take them over to their great grandmothers to spend time with her. She loves that quality time and so do they.

    We are teaching them to say please, thank you and bless you. It’s working even at one and two years old.

  5. This is such an important character trait to instill in our children and one that is often overlooked. Your ideas for doing this are practical and I’m sure they have left a lasting impression on your children. We moved a lot when my children were in our home (I’m a grandma of 7), but we tried to find some type of “outreach” in each location. At one time we cleaned the local crisis pregnancy center. Sometimes they babysat for free as a blessing to busy moms. In one location they helped me teach Bible classes in the projects to needy children. I realize that those experiences were very formative for them, probably more than I realized at the time.
    Thanks for sharing.

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