How to Teach fine Arts to High School Students

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Are you close to having a homeschooled high schooler in your homeschool? Or, maybe you already do? What will you be doing for Fine Arts? You haven’t thought about that yet? No problem! Today, I’ll be sharing what you need to know to teach Fine Arts to High School Students.

How to Teach fine Arts to High School Students

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What Exactly is Fine Arts?

I have been teaching music for over 25 years, so I tend to lean toward the music side of things when I think of Fine Arts. But, it encompasses so much more! Fine arts includes visual art (painting, sculpture, photography, quilting, art history), dance (ballet, praise dance, tap, jazz, lyrical), theater (acting, musical theater, stagecraft, improv, costume design), and music (private lessons, music appreciation, music theory, song-writing)! And, some educators broaden the definition even more to include some of the writing/language arts disciplines such as poetry and screenwriting. Some extend it even further by including technical arts such as video editing, animation, and graphic design.

Does Every Homeschooled High Schooler Need Fine Arts?

It does, of course, depend on your student’s goals. Is your homeschooler headed to college, technical school, the military, straight to a job, or straight to marriage and family? But, for a well-rounded high school transcript, it is my belief that every homeschooled high schooler, not matter what their future goals are, gets at least a half-credit in fine arts. Some states require it, so please check how much they expect and what their “definition” includes for Fine Arts.

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How to Get a Fine Arts Credit

This is the fun part because there are so many different ways to get a Fine Arts credit!

  1. Take a live class. This could be something like a pottery class at your town’s studio or an art history at your local community college.
  2. Take an online course. There are so many to choose from such as 20th Century Music Appreciation or the Charlotte Mason Inspired High School Fine Arts course.
  3. Participate in a local performing group such as a choir, band, orchestra, or musical theater group.
  4. Create your own Fine Arts credit course that includes the disciplines you’d specifically like to work on. For example, one of my sons got an Advanced Graphic Design credit his senior year. He simply kept track of how many hours (120-180 hours for a full credit/ 60-90 hours for half-credit) that he worked on his creations and printed out what he designed for a portfolio type of “proof” that he did the course.

Another fun way to create your own Fine Arts credit course is to spend a lot of time “experiencing” the Fine Arts by going to plays, musicals, operas, ballets, art galleries/exhibits/museums, recitals, and other performances! See here for details on how to create your own Fine Arts Credit Course.

Which of these ways to teach fine arts to your high school student will you choose?


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