Are you unknowingly raising a rebel?

Here’s the thing, rebellion usually doesn’t start when your kids are teens — it just surfaces then. When what has been in the heart is openly revealed, rebellion can rear its ugly head. Rebellion is often started much younger and we can miss the signs or even inadvertently contribute to opening the door to rebellion.

I would like to invite you to join me for a free 5 day series: 5 Parenting Mistakes that Lead To Rebellion

Join our Free 5 day challenge: 5 Parenting Mistakes that Lead To Rebellion

To help you go a little bit more depth with our free 5 day series, and work through some practical applications, I created this  Study guide  – 5 Parenting Tips That Lead To Rebellion for you!

study guide Are you raising a rebel?

Included is a PDF file of all five days from the series, as well as questions and activities for you to work through each day so you can immediately apply what you are learning to your parenting.

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Devotional Prayer Journal For Kids: Biblical Virtues


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