5 Parenting Mistakes That Lead To Rebellion Study Guide


Is your parenting leading your kids to rebellion? Often as Christian parents, we inadvertently make mistakes that instill a spirit of rebellion in our child’s heart.

This study includes 5 common mistakes that can lead to rebellion, as well as application questions at the end of each lesson to help you immediately apply what you have learned.

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Parents often make these 5 mistakes when raising their children which may lead them to rebellion.

Here are just a few:

  • Not trusting your kids
  • Not listening when they speak
  • Failing to set boundaries and consequences with consequences for disobedience

What causes a child to rebel against their parents?

With 66% of today’s young people walking away from church, as well as the values they were taught while growing up, it’s vital as parents that we recognize the spiritual battle that is raging for their heart.

The enemy longs to destroy our kids, and watches for any chance to turn their hearts away from God and the influence of their parents. Don’t just hope that this won’t happen with your kids.

Learn what the common parenting mistakes are that often lead to rebellion, and get Biblical answers. The application questions will help you honestly examine how you are doing in these areas, and then guide you in taking steps of action.

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What are the biggest parenting mistakes?

The biggest mistake we can make is not recognizing when we DO make mistakes as parents.

As parents we can be so hard on ourselves when we see our children develop negative character traits. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late! We need to learn to recognize the common parenting mistakes that lead to rebellion so that we can stop the cycle in our homes. 

This printable study guide contains 5 mistakes that you can watch out for, as well as practical advice to help you practice this in your own home. 

  • 28 pages
  • Application questions
  • Scripture references
  • Printable PDF eBook

Is your parenting causing your child to rebel?

Is your parenting causing your child to rebel??

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