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In order to avoid frustration or discouragement, it’s important to surrender expectations in your homeschool!

Homeschooling is a journey unlike any other. Being a mother is challenging in itself but when we decide to make the jump and educate our own children, in addition to every other responsibility, that journey becomes just a little more difficult.

Okay, some might say significantly more difficult.

Perhaps it has been trying, and tumultuous at times.

Maybe your expectations are being left unmet and your children aren’t grasping things as you had hoped. Maybe you have altered your schedule and curriculum three times already but see little improvement.

And maybe, just maybe, you are experiencing a lack of homeschool encouragement causing you to feel overwhelmed, defeated, and reconsidering this choice of homeschooling your children.

I am here to tell you, it’s time to put down that white flag!



When our family started this homeschool year, I had expectations that we were all going to get through our lessons smoothly.

After all, I had planned and scheduled our curriculum, I had researched and prepared labs and experiments, I had outlined each month and prepared every week a month in advance in order to leave room for the necessary alterations.

I even brainstormed and altered my life in order to promote a smoother homeschool day as well as become the best homeschool mom that I could be.

My expectation was that we were going to get through this year with no obstacles. Oh my, how naive and wrong I was back then.

You see, here we are six months later and I find myself asking, “what were you thinking!” And this isn’t even our first year as a homeschool family.

It began before the holidays- life happened.

Our family was forced to take three unexpected weeks off of lessons and by the time we tried to resume where we left off, life happened again.

When the new year came around, it was a struggle trying to get back on track.

Sure, work was getting done, but we were just going through the motions and no one was happy.

I was constantly discouraged and beginning to feel like I just wasn’t fit for this job; I wasn’t fit to teach my children. But just as I told myself, I am here telling you… You’ve Got This!

There is a reason why you chose to homeschool your children. Remember that!

I am sure that when you first considered homeschool you asked yourself: “Can I really do this?” And I am sure that you knew this journey would not be the easiest of journeys.

Do you remember that? Can you recall every fear and worry that has ever crossed your mind during this adventure?

Now, remember every heart-warming moment when you witnessed firsthand your child improve in something!

If you are anything like me, a struggling mom trying to do her best, then each of those moments made everything worth it.

There are a few things, dear mom, that I want you to keep in mind during those trying times; those times when you want to wave that white flag and give up – it’s time to surrender your expectations.


1. Seek support.

I am sure many of you already have a support system when it comes to homeschool. Whether it be with a co-op, a local church group, friends who homeschool, or even online homeschool groups.

Whichever it is for you, I encourage you to reach out.

It isn’t always easy putting our struggles out there, however sometimes the best advice, support, and understanding are from those who are walking in similar shoes to yours.

Even the mothers who seem to have things down have experienced what it feels like to be defeated by expectations, so you are definitely not alone.

I have found that some of my greatest homeschool encouragement has come from online groups. There are so many women willing to lift one another up through every tough time.

These women know what exhaustion feels like and they have all experienced homeschool hardships and bounced back, just as you will.

2. Take a break.

It’s that simple. When exhaustion and stress kick in and your lessons aren’t going right and the kids just aren’t responding, take a step back and take a week off.

Life happens all of the time and it is okay to need a break. This allows you and the kids to get time to regroup and refresh yourselves.

Taking a break doesn’t have to mean you don’t do anything either. It is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and explore.

Maybe this opens time up to take on a new hobby together or binge watch something fun on Netflix. Whatever you choose to do, a break may be just what you need to rejuvenate your mind and body.

3. Just do it.

Sometimes we just have to fight that slump and force ourselves to jump into the lessons. I am not saying that it is easy, but after a few days, that slump fades as success grows.

You may not even complete everything but all it can take is a little bit of forward movement to feel accomplished and give you the boost you need.

Many times when I am feeling discouraged and lacking motivation, my homeschool encouragement comes from me saying: “Just do it!” and by the end of the day, I am thankful that I did.

Just remember that no matter what you are going through and whatever it is you are feeling you are not alone. The slump you are feeling will pass, just as they always do, and things will go back to normal.

That homeschool slump happens to us all; it seems to come with this journey.

You just have to dig up all of the encouragement you can and carry on with it; knowing that when it passes you will be thankful that you put down that white flag. Because you’ve got this.


Hello friends, I am Nikki G. from Life & Lovely Chaos.I am a homeschool mom to four little beauties. When I am not working with my children on their lessons I am battling the chaos of motherhood, finding new adventures outdoors, or slaving away in my favorite place- the kitchen. I hope to inspire women & mothers to embrace their chaos, focus on the beauty of life, and to regain their strength (and sanity) by sharing my own lovely chaos. Come follow me on Facebook and Instagram!



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