Have you ever wished you could focus better on the things that really matter from day today?

You can – and the secret is found in living intentionally.

Learn how to strengthen your relationship with God and your family members, as well as how to better manage your home and your time.

In my Intentional Living Course, I will come alongside you and provide powerful encouragement, teaching, and action steps to equip and inspire you to live an intentional life as a busy mom.

I know what it is like for busy moms – feeling like there are just so many things calling out to us-  and as a result losing our focus. We waste time trying to do a little of this, and a little of that, but really accomplishing little.  Even though we are busy, it seems like we never have time to do those things which are most important.

As I was thinking about this, I was reminded that we all have the same amount of time in our days.  We all have 24 hours a day to use as we please or choose. 

How can I be more intentional?

While we can’t always control our circumstances and things do come up, for the most part, we could do better at figuring out how to make time for those things that are important to us.

The truth is that we make time for what is important to us.

I know there are things in my life, and probably yours too, that we do actually feel are very important. Yet we feel so BUSY that we blame our neglect of them on not having enough time.  

I believe that you can do better by being intentional.  You need a PLAN to live intentionally. 

Without a plan of action, it’s unlikely that you will move forward with your priorities.

Intentional Living for Busy Moms Online Course

What does intentional living look like?

I was living in a state of overwhelm, feeling stressed and discouraged, I wondered HOW I could make a plan to live more intentionally.

I cried out to God asking Him to guide me and show me where to start and what I needed to do. He specifically pointed out that I needed to focus first on these three important areas:

Since I was already overwhelmed, I realized that I needed to take one area at a time, and work on slowly developing intentional habits in that area.  

Rather than making a big list and trying to do them all, I listed what was important, then set up a plan to begin implementing those daily habits into my routine.

Habits usually take 21 days to develop, so rather than trying to make several improvements in each of the three areas, I realized it worked MUCH BETTER to start small with one or two changes till they developed into habits, before moving on to more changes.

The result?  Habits developed as I began to live intentionally, and I no longer felt so stressed and overwhelmed. Even better, I didn’t feel like a failure anymore.

If you have been struggling with living intentionally and managing these areas well, I would encourage you to consider that it is time to look for a new approach to accomplishing the goals and priorities that God has placed on your heart.

Are you ready to be intentional, and follow through on your goals and priorities by taking little steps that develop habits, that help you to live life with more purpose and more meaning?

If so, this course is for you!

It is designed to walk you step-by-step through the process of establishing daily habits that will help you begin to live intentionally.

INTENTIONAL LIVING — Life Management For Busy Moms


 In this  course I will guide you step by step in taking little steps in key areas:

– Your relationship with God
-Develop better relationships in your family
-Learn to manage your home efficiently
-Make the best use of your time
-And maintain your priorities through intentional prayer!

The approach is slow and steady, with small baby steps that will help you intentionally develop habits to manage your life well.  

Whether you are totally overwhelmed and struggling, or just needing a little bit of encouragement to focus more on being intentional in these key areas, you will find help and encouragement here to take steps that will change your life, and get you back on track.

Included in the Intentional Living Course:


Each module contains:

PRICING: $59.95  

(includes lifetime access to all videos and workbooks) 

Intentional living online course for busy moms by the character corner

Those who register will also be invited to join a private Facebook group.  I will be available to answer your questions and encourage you as you go through the course. My hope is that we will encourage each other to keep on and realize that we CAN live in victory, as we work on being intentional.

After you register, you will get an introductory welcome email followed by an email with your access information for the course.

Since our relationship with God (our heart), is the foundation for everything else we will work on in the course, that is where we will start.

I have found that when my heart is right with God, I will then have the wisdom and strength to work on taking care of myself physically. Doing that enables me to have a greater ability to care for my home and family.

After the section on our heart and relationship with God, a new module will be available every 21 days, allowing you to slowly establish important habits for living intentionally in each area.

Since there are six modules in the Intentional Living Course, the course will take about four and a half months to work through.

Once you register you will have life-time access.  Any updates made to the course will be available to you. And if you need or want to take even longer to go through it, you can do that with no pressure or feeling that you are falling behind.

I have purposefully tried to make this as EASY as possible for you, because no one needs to be more overwhelmed!

I have included video lessons in each module, with accompanying workbooks to take notes in. (The workbooks also have all the video content so if you prefer to just read as you go, rather than watching the videos, you won’t miss any of the content.)

The workbooks include charts, as well as ACTION steps to help you begin to form the habits we are focusing on.

Choices and suggestions will be given, to allow for whatever season of life you may be in. You can choose action steps that are less time consuming if you need to, or if you feel able to, you can choose steps that will involve a little bit more.

My goal is to make this do-able, practical, and helpful in making you be successful in managing your life for the glory of God!  I have put a lot of prayer into creating steps that will not only help you to begin to live more intentionally but to also develop habits that will cause you to CONTINUE to be intentional in pursuing your Godly priorities.

If you’re tired of struggling to manage your life well and are ready to live more intentionally and finish strong, I invite you to join me for this course! 

So if you are serious about making some intentional changes in your life, don’t wait to register!

Now is your chance to move from overwhelmed and stressed, to intentionally living out the God-given priorities God has given you, and living a more peaceful life.

When you purchase the course you will have a lifetime membership to all the videos, and included workbooks and charts. Because the six modules are spaced out every 21 days to give you time to develop habits in each area, it will take about four and a half months to work through it. You can take longer if you wish, or you can go back and do the course again as needed or desired.

Don’t put it off — take the first step to purposeful living today. Sign up now and get started!

If you have questions about the course, refer to the Q & A page.

Read some testimonials from those who recently went through the Intentional Living Course:

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I just wanted to let you know what an answer to prayer you have been through the intentional living course!

You truly are a Titus 2 example and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your heart to serve & impact the families of our day, through your ministry!