How To Stop Being An Angry Mom

Anger is an emotion that all of us feel at times, and it is important to remember that being angry in itself is NOT a bad thing. Anger becomes a bad thing when we respond to it in the wrong ways – yelling, losing control, saying hurtful things, etc.


When we allow anger to control us and we react to it rather than responding, we get caught in a cycle of feeling guilty and trying to do better, followed by losing control again, more guilt, more effort, etc.

It’s important to realize that anger is a sign there is something wrong. Frustration is a common responses but needs to be replaced with a plan to fix the problem causing that anger and frustration.

This process is explained well in one of my favorite books:  Good and Angry: Exchanging Character For Frustration in You & Your Kids!

How do you stop being an angry Mom?

If you are struggling in this area and want to stop being an angry mom, here are several posts to encourage your heart with practical thoughts and Biblical truths.

10 Ways To Restore Relationships Damaged by Anger

Has your anger hurt the relationship with your children? Anger is one of the most common reasons that we lose the hearts of our children. However, it is possible to restore relationships damaged by anger, and win back the hearts of our children.

6 Secrets For Staying Patient & Calm When Your Children Are Misbehaving

Whatever your situation, if you find your blood pressure rising, your lips getting tight and you’re mentally winding up to let him/her/them have itREAD THIS FIRST.

To keep from losing it, I’m going to let you in on six secrets for staying patient and calm that have served me well over the homeschooling and mothering years.

How to Respond to Your Anger (Free Printable)

Get the help you need to start fighting back against Mom Anger today! This printable is a great resource to keep in a visible place as a reminder of how to respond when you feel yourself getting angry.

Included is a page with 4 ways to properly respond to your anger, as well as 10 printable verse cards with Scripture to help you deal with your anger.

stop being Angry Mom

How To Avoid Coming Unglued With Your Kids

Parenting tends to bring out the “over-reactive” in me! Yes, I can be and have been over-reactive. In fact, recently I just happened to be the over-reactive Mom who came unglued!

Over time I learned to do better, and I’m going to share some secrets I learned that will help you to avoid coming unglued with your kids.

Are You An Angry Parent?

Are you an angry parent? Is ANGER often an issue in your home? Why is it important to gain control over your anger? Learn the  6 reasons that are it important to control your anger.

Why Do I Lose My Temper With My Child?

You love your children and want these blessings to become all God has intended for them to be. But, you find yourself being transformed into an angry, raging mother too often and are wondering, “Why do I lose my temper with my child?!”

Why You Can’t Ignore Passive Rebellion

When we don’t discipline our children for passive rebellion, it often leads us to discipline in anger. We see things, and let them go; we threaten, but don’t do anything about it. Their behavior becomes an irritation, and finally, they do one more thing, and we lose it, exploding with anger.

3 Things To Remember When You LOSE IT With Your Kids

We’ve all had those parenting moments which we wish we could forget. You know, those times when you lose it with your kids!

In an effort to encourage you, I’m going to be transparent today and share with you one of my “not so good parenting moments.”

Do You Have an Anger Plan?

Anger is growing in us because something is wrong. It could be something unjust or evil out in the world, or it could be in us. Often my anger has to do with my expectations or my desires.

The important thing is to stop the emotional build and do some introspection before you act. Once you identify the problem, then you can determine the best way to respond with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Help And Hope For The Angry Mom

A question I get asked often at conferences is this: “Is there help and hope for the angry mom?

Mom, if that’s you, I want YOU to know that there is help, and hope, for ending Mom anger.

Many moms have come to me in tears admitting they are really having a hard time with their anger, and they feel guilty because no matter how many times they determine to not let it happen again, it does.

You CAN learn how to stop being an angry mom!

My course, Overcoming Anger God’s Way gives you Biblical help for your anger.

  • If you find yourself yelling at your kids, and realize you have turned into an angry mom.
  • You know “angry mom” is not who you want to be, but don’t know where to start to stop it.
  • If you feel guilty but don’t know how to break the habits.

This course is for you! You CAN have a peaceful home and be a calm mom!



Overcoming Anger Course


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  1. Hi Michele! Wow, that’s a lot for you with all the little grandchildren! Praying God will strengthen you and give you wisdom!

  2. I ask for prayer to not yield to anger but to the power of the Holy Spirit and that He gain full control of my mind, will and emotions. I have 4 grandchildren, ages 5, 2, 1 and a 3 month old, all of whom I have custody of. Also a 2 year old great nephew that I have custody of. My husband and I are busy. Of course, I am home with all children and take care of them. I homeschool, and help in the ministry. Amen!! Not complaining at all because I am glad the children are with me but I need God’s grace and His wisdom. I need to be up earlier in the mornings too, please pray for me💞💞💞🙌🙌🙌Thank you

  3. Please pray for me not to get angry easily with my children and learn to be more patient with them. Thanks

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