How To Live Intentionally As A Busy Mom

The season of motherhood is a busy, busy time and it is easy to get so caught up in the daily stress of managing our homes and our children, that we neglect those things that really matter. We get caught up in that vicious cycle which keeps us from living with purpose.


It is hard to live intentionally as a busy mom.

It requires determination and discipline, but it IS possible!


How to be intentional as a busy mom on the character corner

Here are 6 tips to help you  live intentionally as a busy mom:

1. Remember your purpose

Your purpose comes from knowing and seeking God daily.

Often as busy moms, we neglect this most important step and lose sight of the purpose God has for us as wives and moms. As you read His Word daily and ask Him for wisdom, you will find that your days have more purpose.

2. List your priorities and goals.

In order to determine if you are accomplishing God’s goals for you as a wife and mom, you must first identify those goals. (These will become more obvious to you as you seek God’s wisdom daily, and give Him first place.)

As God gives you wisdom and shows you His purpose, you will then be able to develop clear Godly goals. These goals will be your guide as to how to order your days.

3. Be realistic about your expectations.

Remember that you CAN’T DO IT ALL! That’s why it is so important to have clear goals and priorities. Those priorities will enable you to see what you can let go of, and what you should focus on.

Balance to live intentionally as a busy mom begins with accepting your limitations. Remember that your time and energy are finite.

Don’t burden yourself with unrealistic expectations!

4. Guard your health.

As a mom, you cannot give and give without “refilling”. You must refill the well, or it will dry up.

It is vital that you take responsibility for your own health and self-renewal.  When you fail to make that a priority, other things will begin to fall apart in your home, as you deal with health issues that have resulted from that failure to care for your body and health.

5. Learn to manage your time wisely.

God gives us all the same amount of time daily — we get to choose how we use that time. We can use it wisely or waste it.

The first step to managing your time wisely is to schedule time for your priorities and for being intentional.

This may mean getting up a few minutes earlier to spend time with God, scheduling time to do something special with your kids, planning a date with your spouse, or setting up a house cleaning plan to help you better care for your home.

A time audit is a great way to see where you are spending your time, and where you may be wasting it.  Simply keep track for a week of what you do each day, then compare the list to your list of goals/priorities and see if you are giving them the time you should.

6. Plug into your source of power by praying daily.

We cannot be the moms we want to be or live intentionally as we desire to, without God’s help. He invites us to come to Him for strength and wisdom, yet often in our busy lives we don’t take time to plug into that source of power. As a result, we struggle in our own strength and end up discouraged and overwhelmed.

If you are trying to live more intentionally, these 6 steps will help you move toward that goal and begin to live life with more purpose and meaning.

So what about you Mom?

Are you tired of living in overwhelm and feeling like your always two steps behind? Do you have a nagging feeling you’re not making the best use of your time…. but you don’t know where to start?

I understand. I’ve been there! But Mom, stepping out of overwhelm IS possible. The secret is intentional living! To start living more intentionally today, I encourage you to join me for my Intentional Living Course.

The videos and workbooks will give you an in-depth look at how to develop clear God-focused goals for your life. It will help you layout the steps you need to be intentional in key areas such as:

Focus on Your Heart – developing your relationship with God and His Word
Caring for Your Health – taking steps to better self-care
Nurturing Your Family – building strong relationships in your home
Your Home – managing the housekeeping
Prioritizing Your Time – managing your time to better achieve priorities and goals
Your Prayer Life – maintaining it all with the power of intentional prayer

It IS possible to live life with more purpose and meaning, as well as more peace and success tomorrow! Start Today!



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  1. Kathie! I absolutely love this post!! I am a huge fan of being intentional. It’s encouraging to see someone else as well. Thanks for writing this!

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