Why You Need a High School Course of Study for Your Homeschool Teens

Homeschooling high school may feel a bit overwhelming when you start thinking about it. Let me assure you: You CAN do it.


Homeschooled students are not only getting into universities, they are earning scholarships and excelling in their classes. Others are entering the workforce or choosing to stay home and raise their own families. In other words, these young adults are successful. And they were homeschooled by moms and dads just like you.

I believe with a little planning, you and your teens can start this journey with confidence. Let’s face it, knowing where we are going makes it easier to get there!

Why You Need a High School Course of Study for Your Homeschool Teens

A Map for the Journey

As a child, do you remember your parents getting out a map before you all took off on a vacation? There was a time when this was a necessity, or at least really helpful! 

With a map you can know the best way to get to your destination. You can plan out where you will stop, the roads you will travel, and the places you’ll visit along the way. 

Much like planning a trip with a map, making a plan for your teens’ high school years will help you get the most out of the journey. A clear path will make it easier

Of course each year you will be adjusting the plan. So don’t worry if you don’t have all the details worked out right now. Your map is a guide for the journey. There are times you may take another road than the one you originally planned, but the destination is still the same. 

A map will keep you and your students going in the right direction.

Your Homeschool High School Map: A Course of Study

What is a Course of Study?

Course of study: an integrated course of academic studies 

Let’s look at the word integrated a little closer. Vocabulary.coms defines it as formed or united into a whole and says this about it,

Things or people that are integrated have been brought together, so that they live or work together. They’re no longer apart or segregated.

A high school course of study will bring together your high schoolers’ courses and studies so that they work together. How will they work together? With a plan:

  • The courses can be more unified by studying connected topics at the same time. For example, why not study world literature while also studying world history?
  • The courses your students take will help them achieve the goal of graduating. You don’t have to get to their senior year and panic because you missed some of the essentials.

Planning a High School Course of Study Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to sit down and do some planning as you begin your homeschooler’s high school years. Each year you’ll adjust the plan, but it will keep you on course. And when your teen’s senior year arrives, you can feel confident that you all have everything you need.

The High School Course of Study & Planning Workbook will simplify the process for you and your high schoolers. In it, you will:

  • Learn the four steps you need in order to make an overall plan for your high school teens.
  • Discover three different ways to award credits.
  • Figure out how to make a plan for each year’s course of study and a simple way to make sure you are covering what your teen needs.
  • Create a schedule that works for you and your teens.

At The Character Corner, we want to take the fear and the overwhelm out of homeschooling high school so you can spend your time and energy on the thing that matters the most: your relationship with your teens. 

Head over to the shop now and grab your copy of the High School Course of Study Workbook and get started today!

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