How You Can Raise Self-Confident Kids

Many kids and teens struggle with feelings of inadequacy, or a lack of confidence.  Often that lack of self-confidence leads them to the wrong kind of friends, as they seek to find security and acceptance in the wrong places. Do you know how you can raise self-confident kids, so they won’t be at risk? 


When you raise confident children, they will be willing to try new things without being afraid of failure, the will learn how to figure things out, and they will have confidence in their own abilities.

raise self-confidence in your child

How To Build Self-confidence In Our Children

1. When your child is old enough to understand, lead Him to accept Christ as His Savior.

Teach him who he is in Christ, and help him grow and develop a close relationship with the Lord.

2. Be sensitive to the feelings of your child.

Be aware if they are struggling with fear, hurt, anger, etc. Acknowledge their emotions, and try to help them learn how to deal with them properly. Above all, don’t ever tease about things that are serious to your child.

3. Respect your child.

Listen when they share ideas and thoughts. Follow through on some of their ideas.

4. Love him unconditionally, and accept him as he is.

Teach him that you will always love him, even if he does wrong, and that God loves him unconditionally, as well.

5. Slow down and take time for each child. 

He needs to know that he is important enough that you will take time to spend with him, and that you enjoy being with him.

6. Compliment and praise your child for inner qualities like truthfulness, unselfishness, and diligence, rather than on outward beauty that the child had nothing to do with.

In the post 30 Words of Affirmation Every Child Needs To Hear, you will find some great ideas to get you started, as well as a free printable so you can keep the list handy.

7. Remind him often that God made him special, and just the way he is, so He could glorify God.

God made him differently from everyone else on purpose, he needs to know that  is not just okay, but wonderful.

If you struggle with embracing the child that is different, you will find help in this post: 6 Things to Remember About Your Different Child. 

8. Do not allow brothers and sisters to cut each other down, but encourage them to build each other up. 

Set the example by your words, and it will be easier for them to say kind, encouraging things.


9. Help your child to see his strengths and weaknesses, then help him capitalize on those strengths.

Give him guidance and help in the weaker areas, as needed.

10. Teach him to do some things well, so that he can develop confidence in his abilities.

Find that thing he enjoys and is gifted in, and help him run with it.

11. Involve him in activities that teach him to meet the needs of others. 

As he sees he can help others and meet their needs, it will boost his confidence.

12. Teach your child that we need to get our values from the Bible, where it tells us that we are to become like Christ. 

Help him to develop Christ-like character, and inner beauty.  Remind him that the world worships beauty, intellect, and money, but God looks at your heart.

13. Warn your pre-teens that it’s natural to have some feelings of inadequacy during their teen years, but it doesn’t change their worth.

14. Help your preteen/teen gain a Biblical attitude toward sex and the opposite sex. 

There is a huge correlation between low self-confidence and immorality.

15. Help your teen know his goals, his good points, his weak points, and his ambitions. 

Show him that God cares about him in all those areas, and pound home the truth that we are valuable and special to God, and in Him we find our worth.

Someone must believe in your child, if he is to grow up happy and confident. Determine as a parent to be that someone for your child, and pass that confidence onto him!

​Another way to boost your children’s confidence is through Biblical blessings. If you haven’t signed up yet, join me for the free 10 day Praying Biblical Blessings Challenge.


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