What to Do When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy

Is it normal for kids to drive us crazy? Recently I was talking to a mom who had several children. She commented on how the kids were driving her crazy that day. She asked if I had ever dealt with that when my kids were younger. I laughed, and told her that I remember having quite a few days like that! She then asked me what I did when I had “one of those days”. I shared with her these sanity-saving tips that I used back when my kids were young.

kids driving you crazy

After parenting and homeschooling for over 31 years I will say it has not all been easy. There have been many days when I felt like my kids were driving me crazy!

And yes, we’ve all had “those” days. 

I didn’t actually want to resign as a mother, but if I’m honest, sometimes I would think about it! I would wonder where I can go to turn in my resignation! But since that’s REALLY not what I actually wanted, I decided that I had better come up with a way to handle “those” kinds of days” and keep my sanity at the same time.

So on those days when your patience is running thin and the frustration spreading like wildfire in your chest – use this list!

It seems that the kids are always their worst on the days when you’re really busy trying to get a lot done. I found that when the kids are aggravating me a lot or seem to be unusually bad, the best thing I can do is drop what I’m doing and give them some attention. Often all they need is a little attention, and then they are fine.

Here are some of the things that I have done when my kids are driving  me crazy

1. Have a snack time.

My kids get excited about having a snack of raisins, cheese, and crackers, fruit, etc. Sit and talk to them while they eat and usually they’ll be ready to go and play nicely when they’re done.

2. Go outside for a walk.

The fresh air is good for them and helps them use up some of that boundless energy. Walking also relieves some of your stress!

3. Read to them.

Let them choose one or two of their favorite books for you to read to them. Then tell them that if they will play quietly while you finish (fill in the blank), you’ll read them another one when you are done.

4. Play with them.

Often they are just bored and a few minutes of playing with Mom will give them ideas of what they can do.

5. Love them.

Sometimes I just rock the younger ones for a few minutes, and hug them and tell them “I love you.”

6. Sing with them.

They will enjoy this, and it also helps your attitude improve.

7. Go for a ride.

All kids love to go ‘bye-bye.’

8. Do exercises.

I try to exercise every day, and doing it with the kids makes it a lot more fun. (Or should I say FUNNY?!)

banner intentional parenting 7 day challenge

9. Get out some special toys that they aren’t allowed to have all the time.

This could be things like puzzles, play dough, crayons, etc.

10. Let them help you with what you’re doing.

Let them help fold clothes, or “clean” the refrigerator, etc. It makes them feel important to be able to help, and kids love cleaning with Mom. You may be surprised at what they are capable of doing to help you with household chores.

This plan has helped me to get through those tough times!

And mom, if all of these fail, forget about what you’re doing and give them all the time they need. Your kids are more important than anything!

A great way to wrap up and focus on what is important is every day, before bedtime, write one good deed that each of your children did in the last 24 hours. This gives you plenty to remember the next time your patience is running thin! Then when you tuck them in, you can share with them something that was either funny or encouraging from your day.

You can talk about how hard things can be sometimes and remind yourselves why you love being together as a family- even when your kids are driving you crazy!





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8 Responses

  1. Hi Ticia! Glad you found the list on a day when you needed it. And good for you for asking for forgiveness, and starting over!

  2. How very timely this is…it’s been a long day. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow the list until the end when we settled down to read a book. Jackpot! Mommy chatted, asked for forgiveness, kids offered it and grace, promise for us all to do better, and calmness. Thanks! I need a printable stuck to my forehead!!!

  3. I used many of these ideas when my girls were younger. But now that they’re older, I’m wondering….could you put together a list of What to Do When Your Teenagers Are Driving You Crazy??? 🙂

  4. Thanks Steph! Not that any of my kids EVER drove me crazy, or anything! 🙂

  5. I need to print this list and post it where I’m sure to see it in those moments it’s most needed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I wish I had this list forty years ago when my girls where little. I instinctively did many of these things, but it seems like when the kids get out-of-control it’s hard to think clearly. I now have twin grandchildren and I’m sure this list would come in handy with them too. Thank you for visiting itsmindbloggleing.

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