To Blog Or Not to Blog?

bloggingI have been blogging for almost a year and a half now. It’s something that is enjoyable to me, as I love to write,  encourage, and share what God is teaching me. One thing I have struggled with though, is keeping my perspective right about my blogging. My first priority should be my relationship with God, and the next one my family. Taking care of my duties in the home ranks right up there, as well. However, many times I have struggled with keeping those priorities in place!


Sometimes I am eager to get to my computer first thing in the morning to write or finish a post. I neglect starting my day with the One who should have first place in my life, and who I need to spend time with each day before doing anything else. I need God’s strength and wisdom to do what He has for me to do daily.

Other times I have found myself frustrated because I was in the middle of putting a post together, and of all things, my husband walks in the room, sits down, and wants to chat. If it’s not my husband, it’s one of my kids. ) I’m sorry to say that too often my tendency has  been to get frustrated or irritated at the interruption. I sometimes have only half-listened while still working on a post. Other times I have stopped, but with a noticeable sigh of frustration. Didn’t I dream of being married one day, spending hours talking with my one and only, and enjoying the children God blessed us with? I need to keep them at the top of my priority list. My husband and my marriage are MUCH more important than writing a post to encourage and minister OUTSIDE of my home. My children  (even though they’re older now) need my time and attention, and being available to talk or listen to them,  is key to keeping their hearts. I should be GLAD I have teens who still want to talk to me!

Of course, there have been many times when it was the day to clean a certain room, or area of the home, and I used that time for blogging, got caught up in the comments, etc. and neglected that cleaning. It’s easy to feel driven to post regularly, and then to check regularly for comments, etc.

I don’t want my blog to consume me. I believe there’s a place for it, and it’s a way to minister to others, but blogging requires discipline and determination. After thinking about this, I asked God to show me what guidelines I needed to set, in order to keep my priorities right, and keep blogging in the proper place. These are the guidelines  I felt He has given me:

1. I won’t blog when my husband wants to talk with me, or spend time with me.

2. I won’t blog when my kids want to talk, or need my attention.

3. I won’t blog if I haven’t spent time in God’s Word today.

4. I won’t blog if it means letting my work in the home be neglected.

5. I won’t blog just to blog. I will wait till I feel God lays something on my heart to share.

These guidelines help me keep my blogging in the proper place, and not let it control me. By the way, you can get caught up in some of the same problems I mentioned above as a blog reader!

What guidelines have you set for yourself to avoid the trap of wasting too much time online, or to keep from being consumed your blogging? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Thank you so much for this reminder. I’m getting back into consistent blogging after taking a long break and am seeing myself falling into the pattern of putting blogging first too often. I love the rules you set. I’ll have to remember them!

  2. I would agree. It’s a great day for going to church to be blessed & encouraged, and for taking a nap. 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing that Laura! Sounds like a great plan to me, and having a plan is key. So glad God spoke to you when you went to a conference for your girls. Isn’t it great when He works that way?

  4. I went to a Purity conference with my girls, and found the Lord talking to me!! Guess what: I had made computer/interne time an idol!! So, after agreeing with the Lord and praying, here is my new schedule, using God-given self control: Morning time with hubby before work, Scripture, walk before or after twenty minutes on computer….twenty minutes of computer time after lunch…..twenty minutes of computer time before dinner, so it won’t take away from time with my husband after he gets home. Total internet time: one hour. I’m not being legalistic about it, but the schedule is working…and so am I! Sitting down to the computer before walking or starting morning chores seems to set me into a lazier pattern…oops, time to go!! Thanks for your post, Kathie!

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