How To Find Joy When Homeschooling Through Hormones

What could possibly be the JOY of hormone problems?

I know it seems strange to even think of JOY when you are going through hormone issues that can cause you to feel depressed! As I mentioned, I dealt with crying, depression, being mean to my kids, feeling guilty, etc., and yet I can say there IS joy to be found even with all that going on.

How To Find Joy When Homeschooling Through HormonesHow To Find Joy When Homeschooling Through Hormones

I’m sure you’re thinking “Uh, the hormones have really gotten to her – now she’s just plain out crazy!”

No, dealing with PMS or any other hormone imbalance is NOT fun, and it’s NOT joyful to experience all that goes with it. However, what you will experience as a result of those difficult times is a greater joy than you knew before all that happened.

It may not occur for a while, but if you are letting the Lord work in your heart as you go through the hard challenging times, you WILL end up joyful. And even in the midst of your despair, there’s a joy hidden behind the pain–the joy of knowing God is working in your heart and life.

I can’t say that I enjoyed one moment of my PMS or other times of hormone problems, but I can say I’m thankful and glad that I’ve gone through them.

Why? There are several reasons.

The most important one is that it brought me closer to God, and helped me to know Him better. God brought me to the end of myself, and into His sheltering arms. He was my one source of comfort and true understanding. His love upheld me when I felt I couldn’t go on.

I learned the meaning of “God is a refuge.”  Verses that had once been “good” verses, became real and alive to me through experience. I learned to depend on Him. Another reason I’m glad for what I’ve been through is that I can now encourage and help others going through similar issues. It’s truly hard to have a compassionate heart when you’ve never suffered. Now I can truly care and FEEL for others who are hurting.

The last benefit is the renewed joy I now have in everyday things. 

It’s like wearing dark glasses for a while. When you take them off, everything seems brighter. You see things you’d forgotten were there.

I had been in the dark valley for so long, that when I started feeling better, everything seemed brighter than before. I found myself more thankful and aware of things that I once took for granted.

And best of all, it gave me a new, fresher view of God’s love, and the joy He gives.

If you are struggling with hormone issues, or any type of physical issue which affects your mood and outlook, run to the arms of God. Let Him be your comfort and strength, and cling to Him till He brings you through.

Remember, joy will come in the morning!

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How To Find Joy When Homeschooling Through Hormones

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4 Responses

  1. Mandy, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all that – it’s no fun! I hope some of the suggestions will help you. Praying for you!

  2. Seriously thank you so much for this! This has truly blessed me today. I’ve been struggling with this issue for a while now but got worse after I had children. It’s gotten to the point that my husband says he thinks it’s time to speak with a doctor about it. I hate to even agree with him but I do.Days before my time of the month I’m literally running to my bedroom. Then with the same old song and dance of Lord please help me. I’m constantly crying to the lord and feeling like a failure. But after reading this I see I’m not alone. Im going to look into some of those things you suggested. Seriously thank you again for writing this. God bless you!!!

  3. Wow Kim! Thank you so much for sharing how you let God be your anchor during those rough times! And yes, progesterone cream is good — sugar and caffeine can make things worse. I’m glad you have found some things to help you!

  4. Yes! I remember going through this when I was in my 40’s. It DID bring me closer to God, and he showed me new perspectives in a strong but gentle way through his word, counsel and prayer. Many tears and struggles, but I “chose” to keep Him as my anchor and not give up! The flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing. 😉

    As for the medical body part…I found that progesterone cream worked very well, as well as staying away from sugar and coffee. There is also a benefit to drinking Holy Basil in a tea. It really helps with the mood swings. Sometimes I mix it in with some chamomile tea as well.

    Hope this helps!


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