There are definitely some problems with social media, as well as dangers that go along with the technology of today.


Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat , TikTok and others have become very popular, not only for us as parents, but for many kids and teens as well. We also now have texting, facetime and snaps available at our fingertips all day, every day. Though these ways of staying in touch with people can be very convenient and enjoyable, they are also not without risk.

What are risks of social media? I don’t believe the answer is to totally refuse to use them, or refuse to allow our young people to use them. However, I think it would be very wise for all of us to consider and think about the problems and risks, and then set up guidelines to guide our families, and protect our young people. (I address some ideas for guidelines to help protect our families in this post.)
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Today I’m going to share 7 Problems With Social Media:

These are things to consider as potential problems that can occur when a lot of time is spent on Youtube, Tiktok or other social networks. (This would include texting, and instant messaging also.)

1. Social Media affects relationships

We don’t learn to interact and connect with people face to face. Young people especially can become very good at conversing online, but struggle with face-to-face communication. The more time they spend on social media, the greater the risk.

2. Our phone distracts us from our families.

It can consume us, and our actions may tell our families “Don’t bother me.” For parents, technology can make it easier to ignore or neglect our kids. (our spouse) Young people can get so caught up that they don’t want their siblings “bothering” them, or they don’t want to be interrupted as they are “talking” to “friends” online or through texts.

Being an available parent is an important part of building a strong relationship with your children, and winning their hearts.

3. Social Networking gives easy opportunity to get involved in sinful activities, or conversations.

Sin is at the door when we mindlessly, or out of boredom, start surfing the posts, looking for someone to “converse” with, etc. We (and our kids) should get online for a set time, and a set purpose to avoid that mindless searching and scrolling.

How can social media destroy your life?

4. We can lose our filter when we are behind a screen. 

It is easy to offend others because there is no way to indicate your tone of voice, or your facial expression. You are more likely to “say” things that you would never say face to face.

Texting and online communication takes away the “blush factor”, and make it easier to say inappropriate things. Gradually you become less timid about saying those things, and often it leads to acting on things that you never thought you would do.

5. Quick access to social media creates a desire for instant results.

I know often there are times when I text or instant message someone, and get impatient if i don’t get an immediate response from them.

6. Our phone distracts from time alone with God.

It’s easy to neglect our time with God in our eagerness to check our Facebook notifications or see if someone commented on our status, etc. Other times, we rush through our Bible reading with our mind thinking about getting back to our social world.

I love this cartoon because it says it so well!

don't hear God's voice

Is social media destroying our youth?

7. The Enemy is on social media, just like our kids.

It’s easy to think “I won’t let that happen to me (or to my kids).” Just remember the warning in I Corinthians 10:12:  “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” 

So what is the solution to these problems?

It isn’t avoiding them, or never letting our kids use social networking, but rather being aware and teaching our children to understand the dangers. The online world is here to stay, so we need to teach and prepare our children to use it wisely.

Let’s ask God to keep us aware of the risks, and not only teach our children how to use social networking appropriately but also set an example for them. 

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Image reads: 7 problems with social networking By the Character Corner

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7 Responses

  1. Kristie, I’m sorry to hear about the heartbreak in your home due to social media! I agree that if they want to find a way to see something, they probably will, so it’s important to teach them how to use it safely and make them earn your trust as you work with them in setting boundaries, etc. Above all PRAY! God can do things we can’t as parents!

  2. Well, social media has caused heartbreak in my home. One can semi-control what children see on TV. One can even control what is seen on the internet with blocks and special software. But no one can control what is seen on social media. Porn is accessible there. So, I thought we were safe from seeing horrible things on social media. Nope. It’s pretty bad. So, I wish I never let my kids have iPads, phones, or computers for that matter. But I speak from a broken heart. I know I can’t control everything, and if a person wants to see something inappropriate, they will find a way. But I wish I held off on social media until they were almost adults.

  3. This made me laugh because it’s so true about how we would get upset with other kids, but be over it by the next time we saw them. The other part is sad though about the friend who’s parents were on their phones so much when they went out to dinner!

  4. Great reminder about the purpose of facebook!

  5. This is truth! I’ve seen every point. Some of our rules were “no texting boys first,” “momma can see your texts at any time,” and “don’t accept a friend request without permission from a parent.” We have stressed that facebook is for God’s glory rather than to be used for unkind and sarcastic remarks. Jesus can read our posts, too. We use it for prayer requests, too. I love social medias, but firmly believe their use must be sanctified by God. I wish I could copy this post and send it to my friend list!

  6. Amen! When we allowed the kids to have cell phones and go on facebook there were rules that went along with it.

    We’ve told our kids that people don’t get a chance to “cool off” in today’s technology. The minute they’re upset they text it or tweet it or facebook it, which causes more problems in relationships.

    When we were kids, we might be upset with someone but by the next day when school rolled around we’d be over it! 😉 So these kids just say whatever they’re feeling and don’t cool off, and as you said you can’t see facial expressions or hear voice tone. All that just makes it worse.

    Today a friend of mine told me she went out to dinner with her parents and they were on their phones almost a lot! She said they were on it more than she was!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing” linky party today! 🙂

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