Praying Biblical Blessings For Your Children


As parents we not only have the right, but also the privilege, to pray for and bless our children. By speaking prayers of blessing over them, we are claiming God’s favor in their lives, as well as claiming the promises of His Word for them.  Combine powerful words with Scriptural promises to bless your children.

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As parents, the words you use in your child’s life have the power either to bless or curse. Praying Biblical blessings for your children is an effective way to bring God’s blessings into their lives, and see His power work in their hearts.

Blessing your children is using your God-given authority to verbally affirm Scripture truths and promises into your children while also claiming those truths for them. A blessing is a prayer asking for God’s favor and protection.

A simple way of blessing your children is simply speaking God’s Word over them daily. In a Biblical blessing you combine powerful words with Scriptural prayers. This 35 day journal will give you Scriptural blessings to pray over your children, a related Scripture to write, and some questions to help you apply and personalize the prayers for your own children.

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