Building Character In Your Children


Training our kids in Godly character requires us to plan and be purposeful as parents. 

In this ebook we will look at the importance of setting an example of Godly character for our children, giving them Godly role models, and also teaching and training them in the area of character.

Included is a 10 step plan for teaching our kids character, fun ways to give them Godly role models, and many practical ways to teach specific traits and help the kids learn to apply the teaching to their every day life.

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by Kathie Morrissey

Praying Biblical Virtues 30 Day

This 60 page ebook will not only encourage and motivate you to purposefully work to build character into your children, it will get you EXCITED about the opportunity you have to nurture this most important fruit in your children.


Good character won’t just happen in your kids.  It takes planning and effort, but is worth every bit of time that you put into it! Don’t put it off — get started today with the practical steps and ideas given in the book.

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