How To Manage Your Household Intentionally

6 Day Intentional Living Challenge on The Character Corner

Here’s How To Manage Your Household Intentionally while being efficient as homemakers.

Being a homemaker is not an easy job! It is one that is never-ending, which requires us to be wise managers of our time, and also requires self-discipline.


If we are going to be able to keep our homes well cared for, and care for our husbands and kids, we have to be intentional.

We must discipline ourselves to manage our time and make the most of it.

We can make time regularly to manage things in our home so they won’t get to the point where they seem unmanageable.

If we are consistent in caring for the different areas, it won’t take a large amount of time to maintain it.

When things get out of control, it’s often because we are not managing our homes or our time the way God has called us to.

There is always something that can distract us and keep us from being intentional in managing our households.

Sometimes as women at home, we just get lazy. We get distracted by TV, Facebook, books to read, etc.

how to manage your household intentionally

We are called to be keepers of the home, and it is up to us to discipline ourselves to prioritize.

If your home is in chaos, and you don’t know where to begin, don’t just despair and do nothing.

Make a list of what is most important to take care of first, then take time to get some semblance of order back in your home.

If your kids are old enough, get them to work with you.

The key to good goal setting is making sure that your goals are reasonable and achievable. Accomplishing a little each day is more realistic than cleaning the entire house in one day.

Break it down into reasonable expectations for your family.

Realize that if you have two or three little ones running around every day, your home probably won’t be quite as spotless as it was before you had kids.

Once you decide what is realistic, you have a better idea of where to put your energy and focus.

Next, I would encourage you to sit down and write a list of the jobs that you do want and need to accomplish regularly in your home.

Using the list of jobs that need to be regularly done, assign the tasks to a day of the week.

Schedule 15 minutes each day to work on the area of the day. Once you feel you are caught up a little, you can spend more time if needed in these areas. You can also consider using Saturday for deep cleaning in areas, or for bigger jobs.

If you have kids, it may make this a little bit more challenging for you.

I suggest that you involve the kids in helping! That gives you the opportunity to teach them how to clean, and how to help.

It also ensures that you get the job done. 

When our kids were young, I rarely did dishes, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, etc. 

I taught the kids how to do the jobs, and gave them daily chores. We rotated things so they all learned to do different jobs. 

This not only helped me maintain a somewhat clean house, but it also helped my kids develop character, and learn to be good little helpers and workers.

Today’s  challenge:

1. Determine what your (realistic) housekeeping goals are.

2. Create a cleaning schedule – (Get a free one here: Creating An Effective Chore Routine)

3. Spend 15 minutes on one area today.

So what about you Mom?

Are you tired of living in overwhelm and feeling like you are always two steps behind? Do you have a nagging feeling you’re not making the best use of your time…. but you don’t know where to start?

I understand. I’ve been there!

But Mom, stepping out of overwhelm is possible.

The secret is intentional living!

To start living more intentionally today, I encourage you to join me for my Intentional Living Course.

The videos and workbooks will give you an in-depth look at how to develop clear God-focused goals for your life.

It will help you layout the steps you need to be intentional in key areas such as:

– Your relationship with God
– Developing better relationships in your family
– Learning to manage your home efficiently
– Making the best use of your time
– Maintaining your priorities through intentional prayer!

It IS possible to live life with more purpose and meaning, as well as more peace and success tomorrow!

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