Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue PRESCHOOL & EARLY ELEMENTARY Character Curriculum

24 Weeks of Character Lessons in Just 10 Minutes a day!

Praying Biblical Virtues 30 Day

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You can never start training your kids in character too early! The first five years are the most formative years. It is the BEST time to start teaching and training them to have Godly character.


This book provides you with 6 months of character lessons, that require very minimal preparation. Teach them 24 character qualities with a week of lessons for each of the traits. Provided in the lessons are the following:

Included is a reward chart with a picture for them to color, and space to display the character badges that they earn each week.

Here is help for building Godly character in your kids!

In addition to the Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue Character Curriculum, an  ELEMENTARY COPYWORK book  is also available as a supplement to the daily lessons. The COPYWORK book has a daily print writing lesson that the children copy. They copy the memory verse one day, the definition for the character trait another day, and one of the 3 “I WILL” statements on the other 3 days. 

This is a great way for them to practice their handwriting while reviewing what they are learning daily in their character lesson.

Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue



The curriculum and copywork provide  an EASY and FUN way for you to introduce 24 character traits to your children, and help them start growing into little lads and ladies of virtue!

These products are ebooks, which you can download and print immediately.
Little Lads and Ladies of Virtue

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