A Homeschool Mom’s Greatest Enemy



homeschool mom's greatest enemy

If I had to name ONE thing as a homeschool mom’s greatest enemy, it would be BUSYNESS. It is VERY easy to let busyness overwhelm us as homeschooling parents.

On top of teaching the academics, training our kids, and caring for our homes, there are many outside activities that we can get involved in.

Without intentional planning,  we can be stressed with busyness. Over time there are unavoidable consequences of that constant stress.

Why busyness is a homeschool mom’s greatest enemy:

1. Rushing and being constantly busy leads to stress.

You’ve probably heard it said that stress kills you, so it’s important to stop the cycle of constant activity.

This cycle not only leads to stress but often it also leads to feelings of guilt, because in our busyness we realize we are often not doing the things that are most important.

2. When we get too busy, things start falling apart.

Relationships suffer, and priorities are often neglected.

To have every hour over-booked stresses each member of the family.


3. Busyness crowds out our relationship with God and with others. 

I love how Cary Scmidt  (author of Passionate Parenting ) talks about the problem of busyness:

I’ve noticed something. Busyness is like a snowball. It’s size and magnitude grows simply by the motion of life, and it sort of sneaks up on you. We don’t realize we’re TOO busy until something starts to breakdown and even then, we don’t always connect the symptoms with the real cause. For instance, fractured and stressed relationships sometimes have nothing to do with the heart or intent of the individuals, and everything to do with their schedules or level of fatigue.

Bad stuff happens when we get too busy and over-extended. Here’s a short list:

  • Our Walk With God Diminishes
  • Our Physical Fatigue Increases
  • Our Relationships are Stretched
  • Our Health Suffers

Everybody pays when I’m too busy—especially those closest to me.

As homeschooling moms, there is ALWAYS something that we need to be doing. It’s important that we stop regularly and evaluate our schedule and our priorities,  so that we make WISE choices with how we use our time.

When was the last time you intentionally slowed down, and purposefully chose to do LESS?

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What are you busy with that you can let go?

Ask God to help you to make wise choices with your time, and to focus your time and energy on things that will count for eternity.

Your choices may be different from your friend’s choices, and that’s okay.  God calls us all to do different things with our family. That’s why we need to ask His help when making decisions about how we are going to use our time, and what activities we are going to be involved in.

Seek God’s wisdom as to what HE wants for your family. Don’t get caught in the trap of ongoing busyness!

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