A Wholesome Activity Your Kids Can’t Get Too Much Of

Join me for an intentional summer challenge, and plan for a summer of success!
Without planning, it is easy to just let our kids spend too much time on electronics during the summer.  While there is nothing wrong with supervised time on electronics or watching movies, it is something that you need to monitor and have set times and limits for. However, there is a wholesome activity your kids can’t get too much of: READING!


There are so many benefits to reading – here are just a few:

  • It develops a child’s vocabulary
  • It improves reading skills
  • It makes your child smarter
  • It develops imagination
  • It develops a love for learning

The best way to get your kids to enjoy reading is to read aloud to them daily from the time they are young. One of the biggest benefits of this is the bond that develops as kids snuggle with you on the couch as you read to them.

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As the kids get a little older and can read for themselves, get them excited about it by offering a challenge with a prize, or a reward for reading.

For example, we allowed our kids to earn video game time by reading.  An hour of reading would give them 30 minutes of game time. Often they would get caught up in the book, and forget to watch the clock.

Another thing we did was have the kids sign up for the summer reading challenges at the library. 

They got little prizes for reading different types of books on the list, and they loved it! I never had to remind them that it was time to read.

Why not let your kids choose books for you to read to them this summer, and set aside a certain amount of time in your daily routine for reading aloud?

Schedule individual reading time into your daily routine also, and have the kids read or look at books for at least 30 minutes.

One idea is to kind of copy the library’s reading plan, and have a challenge for your kids to read different types of books each week in the summer.

For example:

  • Biographies of great Christians
  • Historical fiction
  • Mystery books
  • Educational books
  • Poetry books

Offer a prize for when they completed a certain number and types of books, or a small prize for each one, and then a bigger grand prize.  You will be surprised at how little it takes to motivate them to read!

If you’re looking for good wholesome books, here is a list of some of my favorites:


Be sure to sign up below for an immediate download with a printable of the list AND a reading log for your kids to use.

Make sure that YOU are reading daily too — keep yourself encouraged by reading good parenting books, devotional books, homeschooling books, etc.

Your kids are more likely to love reading, when they see you reading and enjoying it!

Here’s to a summer of reading!

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