7 Ways You Ruin Your Relationship With Your Teen

Without even realizing it, there are many ways you ruin your relationship with your teen. Some of the things we say, do and model for them in these years can either build a relationship or drive them further away. We want to raise them to be self-sufficient and independent, but we still want them to trust us and come to us.

We don’t want to lose their heart. 

So how do you nurture a relationship with your teens that encourages them grow and learn who they are in Christ without driving a wedge between you?

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I did a podcast interview where my friend Vicki and I tackle this topic. We discussed 7 things you should NOT do to nurture a healthy relationship with your soon-to-be-adult children. 

I’d love to have you hear our conversation, I think you’ll learn a lot of great tips for keeping your relationship with your teens strong! Click here to listen. 

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If you struggle in this area of parenting, I have some other great resources for building a relationship with your teens. 

Vicki was also a guest on my blog and wrote this post: How to Build a Strong Relationship with Teens   Click on the link and read her advice, I think you’ll love it!

I also wrote a post that shares 10 Ways to Build A Strong Relationship With Your Teenager  In this post, I cover a few additional tips that you can bring into your own relationship with your teens. Enjoy!

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