Do you ever wonder how a Mom can keep homeschooling for ten, twenty, or even thirty years? Or have your ever wondered if you will be able to last that long?

Find out some of the secrets to long-term homeschooling from Kathie Morrissey and Donna Reish in this FREE ebook!

Do you struggle with any of the following?

Sixty Homeschooling Tips From Sixty Years will give you help with these areas and many more!

If you have found yourself wishing you had a veteran homeschooler to mentor you, or a person that you could  get lots of advice from that has ‘done the stuff’ for three (or six!) decades, look no further! Our book, Sixty Homeschooling Tips From Sixty Years, gives sixty (count ‘em, sixty!) pieces of advice from two veteran homeschooling moms.

For the homeschooling mom who is discouraged and feels like giving up,  DON’T! Get advice and inspiration from two women who didn’t give up, but kept the homeschool light shining brightly in their homes for over thirty years each!

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