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“Some of the topics which really spoke to my heart were phrases such as “stay home more”, “be fully present”, “remember that homeschooling is more than academics”, and “be flexible.” Good advice for us all! They also included some fun topics such as “eat a frog every morning.” What?!?!? After reading that tip, I’d have to say that I definitely agree with that advice! The price of the ebook is worth finding out what they meant by that one suggestion alone! :)  ……..Read more

“The approaches to homeschooling and parenting that Donna and Kathie lay out in 60 Tips show that even us mere mortals can do this! You can. I can! We may not be doing it the way other mamas are doing it, but isn’t that the joy of homeschooling–doing what works best for your family? “ ..…..Read more
‘I have read alot of homeschooling books and blog posts. 60 Homeschooling Tips is truly a treasure trove of the best tips and advice out there.   I immediately started implementing the ideas and it has changed our homeschooling in a matter of days.” ……Read more

“In all honesty, I was not expecting to be so intrigued, reaffirmed, and inspired by this book. It has all the basic elements of what you look for while trying to homeschool, with an overlying tone of faith and spirituality. Homeschooling is a difficult task, but with the right faith and hope, it can be a glorious and rewarding adventure for your family. This book discusses the heart of those efforts and rewards.” ….Read more

“These tips are not untested theories put forth by idealistic new homeschoolers who want their moment of fame. Both of these ladies have persevered through the years and these tips have stood the test of time (and 15 children)!! I have actually learned to implement many of these strategies in my own homeschool through the years . . . but I sure wish I could have started my homeschool journey with this wisdom!! You have the opportunity to benefit from those who have gone before you blazing a trail through unfamiliar territory. These two ladies have created a path of wisdom that will make your journey so much easier!”  .….Read more

“In 60 Homeschooling Tips From 60 Years you get a chance to learn from 2 pioneer homeschoolers who are still active in the homeschooling community. With a combined 60 years of experience between the two of them, Kathie Morrissey and Donna Reish offer tips for parents starting their homeschool journey and veteran well.”  ….Read more

“”I had the opportunity to preview this book before its release, and let me tell you, I am so grateful I did! I caught myself nodding my head and saying, “oh that makes sense!” so many times during the reading. I learned so much, and had so much that I already knew confirmed, just from reading this book. My favorite tip from the book is, “stay home more.” I know we definitely have a problem with that. Right now we are out of the house most days. And while getting out and experiencing the world around us is awesome, and some things just can’t be helped, it definitely takes its toll on our homeschool routines. You can also find tips on organization, how to include dad in your school, and, another personal favorite, “eat a frog every morning.”……..Read more

“Their tips have affirmed the value of things our family is already doing, encouraged me to keep pressing on in some tough areas and challenged me to pay attention to  some of my sloppy spots. Many of the thoughts they share are things I’ve heard or read before. In my mind, that validates the information. Their ideas are not new and untried. These are the kinds of things that most seasoned homeschoolers will offer when you get a chance to ask them questions. The kinds of things that get shared at homeschool conventions! And they’re all compiled in one volume for easy reference. …….Read more

“60 Homeschooling Tips From 60 Years was not only a fun read, but a book full of wisdom. Kathie and Donna have a combined 60 years of homeschooling experience and share from their wisdom in this brand new book. Each “tip” is formatted on one page, making it easy to read this book in spurts as you have time.” …..Read more

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading 60 Homeschooling Tips from 60 years & found it very easy to read in short snippets as I found a few minutes here & there in my busy schedule. Kathie & Donna have formatted the book so a single tip is at the top of each page with an explanation or example of how they utilised it in their family following this. This make it very easy to follow for even the busiest mother.” …..Read more

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