5 Winter & Christmas Crafts To Do With Your Children

If you are looking for a great way to keep the kids entertained this winter, how about helping them with some fun Christmas crafts? Crafting is a great way to bond with your child, and it is a great way for them to express their creative side. Here are some fun winter & Christmas crafts to do with your children. They will look great when displayed around the Christmas holiday and all through winter, or they make great gifts!

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Winter & Christmas crafts to do with your kids

5 Winter & Christmas Crafts To Do With Your Children:

Stained Glass Window Art

This craft is versatile, in that you can choose the shape of your frame, whether it be a simple rectangle frame, or a frame cut out in the shape of a Christmas tree or snowman.

For simplicity, here are directions for a rectangle.

  • Layout a piece of peeled contact paper, sticky side up.
  • Next, cut out 4 pieces of construction paper, even in width, and create your frame by placing your strips of paper in a rectangle shape.
  • Now have your kiddo layer pieces of colorful tissue paper (previously cut into various sizes) inside the frame. It is good to overlap pieces, so there are not any gaps.
  • Once done, place a second sheet of contact paper on top, sticky side down.
  • Lastly, trim around the frame to complete your stained glass.

Puffy Snow Paint

Kids love painting, but why paint with ordinary paint? Make your own paint that is puffy, like snow!

Simply mix together equal parts of shaving cream, and chilled glue, in a bowl.

Sprinkle in some iridescent glitter for a sparkling effect, and then let your little one get to painting fun, snowy, winter scenes!

Snowflake Ornaments

Crafting in the winter would not be complete without making Christmas tree ornaments. These snowflake ornaments will be done in no time.

For this winter craft, simply paint three wooden craft sticks white. Then stack, and glue them on top of one another, spreading them out into the shape of a snowflake.

Apply glue, glitter and other fun embellishments like jewels, buttons, tulle or even white feathers.

Lastly, attach a thin ribbon for a hanger.

For a tutorial for creating fancy snowflakes with craft sticks, check out this post from The Best Ideas for Kids

Christmas crafts

Paper Garland

Cut out a variety of fun winter shapes, like mittens, candy canes, snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas trees.

Be sure to punch a small hole through the top of each of the shapes.

Next let your child decorate each of them with markers, stickers, glitter, or buttons. Once they are all complete, simply string a piece are yarn or ribbon through them and find a place to hang your child’s garland.

Reindeer Antlers

Use brown construction paper to measurement size of your child’s head. You will be cutting out a thick band, as a base for your antlers.

Once you have cut and taped the band to the proper size, then trace two antlers on another sheet of brown paper, and don’t forget to draw two ears as well.

Then let your child practice their cutting skills as they cut out all four pieces.

Once finished, attach them to the band, and you will soon have your own little reindeer running around the house.

Which of these winter or Christmas crafts are you going to have your children start with?

Share a picture in the comments of the finished product!

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