10 Real Ways To Show Your Kids You Love Them

One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to show your kids you love them. Maybe you think that your kids know you love them because you feed them, and take care of them every day. However, that’s not enough! All of us, including our kids, feel really good when someone intentionally shows us that they love us.


Here are 10 real ways to show your kids you love them:

10 Real ways to show your child you love them

1. Teach love to your kids by telling them about God’s love.

The most important thing you can do as a parent is to point your children to God and teach them to know Him and His Word. His love is the greatest love they will ever know.

2. Don’t let a day go by without showing your kids some physical affection

How do you show love to your child? You should hug them when they come and go, at bedtime, and at random times during the day. Hold their hand when they are walking with you, or put your arm around them when you are reading to them, etc. Even when they become teens, keep giving them hugs. Words of affirmation and affection are just as important, too. Use words of affection  (sweetie, honey, sugar plum, etc.) and assign a unique one to each child, reserving it just for them to make them feel extra special.

3. Show you love your kids by what you say.

Don’t assume that your kids KNOW you love them. Make it a point to tell them often! This is especially important after there has been a time of correction or discipline. Let them know you still love them regardless of what they may have done wrong. Love your child no matter what they’ve done and they will know your love is unconditional. 

4. Saying yes whenever you can show love to your kids.

I don’t know about you, but I often tend to say no to simple requests from the kids, often for no reason other than it might be a little inconvenient for me, or it’s just something I don’t want to do at the time. (like play a game, or read them a book.) Sometimes it could even be that I’m just not in the best mood. That’s really not fair to the kids! Many of the things that our kids ask are little things, but they mean so much to them. I encourage you to try to just say yes more often!

5. Show your child you love them with special treats or surprises.

How do I make my child feel loved and valued? Do special little things now and then for your kids that lets them know you are thinking about them, and love them. For example, bring a child their favorite candy bar and surprise them with it, or take one of them out for their favorite ice cream, just because.

6. Your kids see your love in your time and attention.

Nothing says “I love you” more than someone stopping what they are doing to listen to you or to do something with you. Be sure to look at them when they are talking to you, showing that you are interested in what they are saying.

7. Show your kids love by letting them know you believe in them.

Your kids should know that you are FOR them, and on their team. The family is a team that works together and encourages each other, and as a parent, you are like the coach– always encouraging them, and believing in them even when they make mistakes. Knowing you believe in them will mean the world to them.

8. Show love by being loyal to your children.

Don’t be guilty of telling others about the wrong things your kids have done, and even more important, don’t ever let them hear you saying negative things about them! Instead, intentionally show your love and loyalty to them by letting them hear you speak positively about them to others. Brag on them to Grandma, or Daddy when they are in the other room and can hear you. Talk about how glad you are to be their mommy. This will speak volumes of love to your child!

9. Asking your kids for help makes them feel loved and valued.

Bringing your children into your everyday chores reminds them that they are a valuable part of the household. They may not enjoy the chores you give them to do, but by making them fun and working together, they will feel like they are helping you. And helping someone else makes anyone feel good! Letting your kids know you need their help reinforces to them how important they are to you. 

10. Spending one on one time with your child reminds them of the special bond you have.

How do I make my child feel loved and valued? Whether you take them out for dinner, enjoy a board game together or simply take a drive alone in the car, spending one on one time is important for your children. Getting your focused attention, even for just a short amount of time reminds you both of the special relationships that you share. It’s unique with every child, so it’s important to nurture that individually. Enjoy those special one-on-one dates!

What do you regularly do to show your kids you love them?

Please share some of your favorite things in the comments!

10 real ways to show kids you love them

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  1. Hi Alisa! Thank you so much for stopping in with your encouraging words. I”m so glad you enjoyed the post! I can relate to being the mom that says “no”! It was something I had to work on constantly.

    Nice to “meet” you!


  2. What a great post, Kathie! These are such wonderful tips to show love to our kids. Saying yes is one I definitely need to work on! With 5 at home ranging from 6 to 18, I tend to be the mom that says- No, don’t have time for that today. I love your reminder that saying yes to them is actually showing love. Thank you for your encouragement. Linking up with you at Women with Intention.

  3. Thanks Patty! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. 🙂

  4. I love this post! As a new mom, I am always looking for ways to show my son how much I love him! I will definitely continue to use these tips as well as introduce some that I can’t yet due to the fact that he is still so young. Thanks for the post!


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